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Liberia closes borders as Ebola hits major west African cities

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Monrovia (AFP) – Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has announced the closure of most of the Ebola-hit country’s land borders after the deadly tropical virus spread to two of west Africa’s largest cities.

Liberia, along with neighbouring Guinea and Sierra Leone, is struggling to contain an epidemic that has infected some 1,200 people and left at least 670 dead across the region since the start of the year.

Last week authorities in Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown and Lagos in Nigeria announced their first cases, marking an alarming new front in the fight against a disease mainly confined to remote villages and rural outposts.

“All borders of Liberia will be closed with the exception of major entry points,” Sirleaf said in a statement late Sunday.

Monrovia’s international airport, a provincial airport and three major crossings were exempted from the closures.

“At these entry points, preventive and testing centres will be established,” she said.

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Oh Well, Dipchit Atheists Must Live With the “Repugnant” 9/11 Cross at Ground Zero

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Listen, morons, your  being “offended” is not as powerful as the comfort this cross provides. So, you lose. STFU.

Daily Caller -

A federal court ruled Monday that the existence of a cross at Ground Zero does not violate the Constitution, slamming the appeal filed by the secular activist group American Atheists.

The famous cross, formed by two intersecting beams left standing after the 9/11 attacks, has been a powerful spiritual symbol for many since and even during the tragedy. Frank Silecchia discovered the cross while helping recover bodies from the site. “It was a sign,” he later said. ”a sign God hadn’t deserted us.”

American Atheists felt differently. In July 2011 they filed suit over the cross, which had been included in the 9/11 Memorial Museum, saying members of their group found its presence there “offensive and repugnant to their beliefs, culture, and traditions, and allege that the symbol marginalizes them as American citizens.”

“Many of American Atheists’ members have seen the cross, either in person or on television, and are being subjected to and injured in consequence of having a religious tradition not their own imposed upon them through the power of the state,” the suit read.

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Shirtless Wade McCree May Be Heading To The Supreme Court

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Above The Law

Judge of the Millennium Wade McCree has a special place in the hearts of ATL’s writers. The former Wayne County circuit judge had a penchant for disrobing for shirtless selfies and sex in his chambers, and was consequently disrobed by the Michigan Supreme Court.

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This is a hand-painted (cigar or ammo or hairpin) box by BigFurHat (acrylic.)  It’s 8.5″ x 7.75″ x 2″

Auctions ends at 11:59 pm et tonight.

Winner must pay with paypal to BigFurHat.mail@gmail.com

photo 3-2 photo 1-3photo 1-2


And as promised, here is a cool more affordable item. There are 7 available.  They are hand-painted (by me) wooden fobs – carved with the Molon Labe design. The fob line is named FOBFH.

They are 1″ wide, 2.5″ high and 1/4″ thick. $15 each. They can only be purchased through Paypal. First 7 people who type “I want one” in the comments gets first dibs.  Follow that request with a paypal payment and a mailing address. They will go out ASAP.




Queers Against Israeli Apartheid Stage “Die-In” Against Boeing in Seattle

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Coverage HERE.

Hey, just FYI. Here’s a group.

They’re called Queers Living In One of the Muslim Countries Dumb American Queers Are Rooting For.

Long, I know.


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Breitbart TX

MCALLEN, Texas—A single group of illegal aliens entering Texas from Mexico over the weekend included foreign nationals from Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, according to the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC). The group crossed into the Rio Grande Valley sector from Tamaulipas, Mexico.

“One group of our agents apprehended individuals from Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka,” said Albert Spratte, a spokesman for Local 3307 of the NBPC. “Everyone in this group was an adult male. They entered on Saturday, July 26, 2014. Our agents apprehended them, they did not turn themselves in. They were trying to sneak in.”

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Obama Admits He Wants America To Fail

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He told a group of kids that for a country to succeed it must have rule of law.

Obama picks and chooses what laws to abide by. So, ipso facto, Obama is deliberately  crumbling America.

Impeach him now.

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Humana One to terminate most individual ‘non-grandfathered’ policies by 12/31/14

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Humana One insurance company just announced that they will be terminating most ‘non-grandfathered’ individual and family health insurance policies (plans purchased prior to 3/23/2010) no later than 12/31/2014. In other words, Barack Obama lied when he said “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan.” This is of course no suprise to high information voters.

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So Many Typos, So Little Time

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Given how error prone Congress seems to be with every piece of major legislation (according to Jonathan Gruber anyway), Sean Davis proposes more reinterpretations of Congress’s intent.

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Jihad Magazine Publishes Its First Swimsuit Issue

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Daily Rash

swimsuit Al Qaeda Jihad Magazine Inspire Publishes Its First Swimsuit Issue

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Get Your Motor Runnin’

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ht/ finai

Feds pay nearly $3K monthly rent to house poor in luxury Chicago apartments

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Did you catch that? LUXURY.

The CHA tenants spent most of their time hanging around the pool and causing a ruckus. None of them had jobs, even though one of the goals of this ludicrously expensive program was to place people closer to where there are more jobs.

Marathon Pundit

Always believe your spouse.

My wife told me that a friend of hers lived in a very expensive apartment, the Aqua Tower, in downtown Chicago that included Section 8 housing tenants. I thought she was mistaken.

And at least in Chicago, the options are for some people damned good. Much better than your humble blogger who works about 50 hours a week and is just getting by.

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In case of hurricane- Illegals to be rescued first, then citizens

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“Before the public gets their mandatory evacuation, the plan is to get all these unaccompanied women and children out of the Valley and to safer ground,” said Goldsmith.


Emergency Managers Are Concerned About Bad Weather and Illegal Immigrants

MCALLEN – Rio Grande Valley Emergency Management officials are concerned that the large amount of people here illegally may pose a dangerous situation in the event severe weather like a hurricane threatens the Valley.

People who cross the border illegally have long been part of conversation in law enforcement circles.

But now, emergency managers in McAllen have questions of their own, in the event of a hurricane.

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Tired of waking up to Muslim Call To Prayer on loudspeakers in the middle of the night, Jews mount an aural counterattack.

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Jews all over Israel find themselves routinely harassed by noise pollution from Muslim neighborhoods in recent years. This less-known “intifada” by Arabs involves fitting loudspeakers on minarets in mosques – which for centuries made do with unamplified muezzin calls for prayer.

The Jerusalem Municipality reportedly embarked on a process to investigate and limit the noise pollution by local mosques…

See the video of the counterattack at the “more” link below.