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Navy Puts Bibles Back in Hotels

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Freedom Outpost

Navy Bans Bibles then Kicks Atheist Group to the Curb – Puts Bibles Back in Hotels

Atheists from the Freedom from Religion Foundation had complained back in March to the US Navy that the Navy was unconstitutionally showing preference to Christianity. As a result, the Navy sent out a memo in June informing all lodge managers that any religious materials, including Bibles, would be removed from the rooms under “established procedures for the lost-and-found property.” However, upon a review of its policies, the Navy ordered that the Bibles, largely furnished by Gideons International, be returned to the rooms.

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MSNBC’s Chris Hayes and Craig Melvin had to dodge rocks thrown at them by protesters during their live coverage of the events in Ferguson, MO.


Swedes Accused of Racism With an Art Project

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Leftists just see the blackface,ignoring that they made dark people light, light people just darker a little darker, and some people Muslim, and none of it was a joke. It was done to see if people felt any different, any oppression.

Doesn’t matter. The left doesn’t like it.

Swedes have gathered in numbers to protest against a Danish “blackface” art show in Malmö, which organizers say is supposed to give “a deeper understanding of discrimination”.

The Danish performance invited the public to have their appearance altered by make-up artists. Participants were then invited to walk around in a crowded public space to experience life in someone else’s skin.
However, over 200 Swedes signed a petition that accused the performance of racism and it was removed from the festival.



Okay, I’ll bite

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It’s a little strange to tweet first, confirm later, but that’s how Charles C. Johnson rolls.

It’ll be interesting to see what he uncovers. Of course, it doesn’t really matter. Michael Brown could have killed a teacher, a little girl and a kitten for a month of Sundays and the release of that info would only anger and embolden the race hustlers more.

It wouldn’t matter if Brown had his mitts around Wilson’s neck with the officers eyes bugging out, tongue drying in the sun, you can’t shoot a black youth, unless you’re a black youth whizzing by in a rice rocket with a semi-automatic, mowing down anyone in the perimeter of some dilapidated front porch. Then they don’t care.

But I’ll stay tuned anyway.


Journalist Loses His Bowels

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run-away-screaming-1Ryan J. Reilly – Huff Po


Explaining Iraq & Isis

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Public Urination

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I’m not going to vouch for the authenticity of the Pissing Tanker, perhaps the people getting hosed are in on it, but public urination in India is rampant, the country smells.


Because most of the men are animals.

I know there are people who will be appalled by what I’m saying because it’s the job of certain people to be appalled by the truth, call me a bigot and then shut down the conversation while the public pissing continues.

The left isn’t big on solutions, just outrage.

No, many Indian men are filthy, ignorant, lazy and see nothing wrong with pissing wherever they are.

The excuses you here are that there aren’t enough public toilets. Well,  why aren’t the women pissing in the street?

Another excuse is that people have medical problems.  Well, why aren’t the women pissing in the street?

Another excuse is that the public toilets aren’t maintained and they are disgusting. Well, that’s the sign of an animal, no? Also, the reason the bathrooms aren’t maintained is because men are pissing in the street, only the women use the public toilets, and since women are second class citizens the men don’t maintain the toilets.

And round and round we go.

ht/ kpark

I believe these are bean bag rounds…

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Can anyone confirm?


The White Michael Brown

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Now I’m heading to Dallas to call for juttis, and burn down a deli after I get a roll of  scratch offs.

Picture of Dallas Shooting Victim

What? No pic of this dude as an altar boy? Somebody doesn’t know how to play the game.


Red State

Like the Ferguson shooting of Michael Brown, there appears to be no police camera video.

Like the Ferguson shooting of Michael Brown, the officer shot the victim “multiple times”

Like the shooting of Michael Brown, the officer in the Dallas shooting stated that:

The man moved toward the officer in “a manner perceived to be dangerous to the officer”

In the Michael Brown case, people have, understandably, doubted the idea that any person would charge an officer with a drawn weapon, and I admit when I started reading the Dallas Morning article, I thought ‘ Oh Geez! Another shooting with a officer claiming he was “charged” However, my original thought was wrong.

Because unlike the Ferguson shooting, a security camera on a nearby home captured the shooting. The video apparently shows Mr. Gaynier, an unarmed father of a 19 month old son, charging the police officer and the officer shooting him. Why did Mr. Gaynier charge the officer? I have no explanation for Mr. Gaynier’s inexplicable behavior. I do not know what he was thinking, or if he was on drugs, or had mental issues.


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Mass. Obamacare Exchange Requires Everyone to Re-enroll, Again May Not Work in Time

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Recent news about Obamacare hasn’t exactly been good, but the press has been pretty effective in keeping it quiet. To name just a few items, Enrollment is shrinking, because perhaps as many as 20 percent of enrollees aren’t keeping up with their premiums. Rising costs have moved insurers to beg for bailouts, which appear to be forthcoming.

Then there’s this: Just last week in Massachusetts, where the state-run health insurance got its start under Republican Governor Mitt Romney eight years ago, the state’s exchange announced that everyone currently enrolled in 2014 or who should have enrolled and didn’t is going to have to apply for 2015 coverage this fall. Oh, and the system it plans to employ may not even be working by mid-November.

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CNN Airs Darren Wilson’s Account As Told By Friend and Says It’s Authentic

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Gateway Pundit

Demand Removal of National Guard in #Ferguson


Navigation Issue

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There is a gremlin in the matrix, or something.

Right now the only home link that is working is the one under individual post titles, or the link to a story by using the sidebar comments section.

Any other home link will bring you back to the last story you were on, which is great if that was an awesome story or you have amnesia.

We’ll get it fixed.