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Hank Aaron didn’t say what you racists think he said. Racists.

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Oh, and he’s bitter and junk.

Breitbart Sports


Atlanta Braves legend Hank Aaron is reportedly “upset” and “bitter” because he feels that readers — not the reporter who wrote the story — took his comments that implied those who opposed President Barack Obama’s policies now wear “neckties and starched shirts” instead of KKK hoods out of context.

And the reporter who wrote the story is claiming Aaron should not have to apologize for something he never said because Aaron was talking about CEOs, American society, and corporate America and not referring to a political party.

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Happy New Life Easter

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0 Happy New Life Easter

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Fine Art America

WARNING: Excessive Cuteness

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Own the World

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Menderman sends us a video profiling The World. The World is a ship that houses 200 people who live on board permanently. It’s a floating mini-city.


Tonight’s Soothing by the Benedictine monks of the Abbey of Notre-Dame de Fontgombault

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Everest: Death toll climbs to at least 13

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Rescuers recovered the body of one mountain guide on Saturday after an ice avalanche swept the lower slopes of Mount Everest, bringing the death toll to at least 13 in the deadliest accident on the world’s highest mountain.

The avalanche struck a perilous passage called the Khumbu Icefall, which is riddled with crevasses and piled with serac – or huge chunks of ice – that can break free without warning.

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They Put It Up Fast and Furiously

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Dems seeking $100 million in taxpayer funds for Obama library

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‘He raised $1B for campaign’: Dems seeking $100 million
in taxpayer funds for Obama library sparks disgust

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Maybe He Was Just Securing a Burqa For Hillary?

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Bill Clinton sent friendly, handwritten note to chairman of mosque that al-Awlaki led, al-Qaeda operatives worked for, 9/11 hijackers worshipped there


Clinton’s note was released as part of a document dump Friday by the Clinton presidential library.


The note was marked “THE PRESIDENT HAS SEEN 3-10-00.”


“I’m interested in all these suggestions. Let’s follow up,” Clinton said in the note, in which he also said that it would be good to have support from Muslims. Clinton signed the note “Bill.”


Former U.S. president Bill Clinton delivers the inaugural William J. Clinton Leadership Lecture at Queen's University in BelfastThe Dar Al-Hjrah Mosque was visited by FBI agents after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks after it was discovered that two 9/11 hijackers had worshipped at the mosque.


The mosque’s imam from 1995 to 1999, prior to Clinton’s note, was Mohammed Al Hanooti, who was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing by a U.S. attorney.
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Take the Racist, Homophobe Jew-Hater Quiz!

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See if you’re good at identifying the worst offenders of all the “ists and isms.”


Move Update

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My house is sold. I’m heading out Monday. I’m heading for sunny climes.

I realize now that I don’t need my BigFurHat (my Ushanka.)

I’m auctioning it off for gas money. I can send it out Monday, my last mailing from the old PO Box. It’ll be signed and dated to commemorate my Yankee exodus.

Auction ends tomorrow 8PM et.


Design for Obama Presidential Library Unveiled

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See the model here

I’ll Have a Boner With That

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Apparently there is a new energy drink that contains erectile dysfunction fixer upper medicine that’s been banned in Australia.

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