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What Viper Venom Does To Blood

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Dems More Afraid of Climate Change Than ISIS

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Never mind the fact that they’re beheading captives and videotaping it for the world to see, or that they’re brutally murdering their way through Iraq and Syria, or even that they’re sending taunting tweets showing they’re already here and warning that an attack on the homeland is imminent. Nope, that’s not enough for Democrats, who, in a recent Pew poll, said that climate change is more of a threat to the U.S. than ISIS.

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Who Pays The Bills for The World’s Highest Corporate Tax Rate?

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CP News

Whether you believe a corporation is a person or a soulless entity, the bill demanded by the IRS is still hefty and due. The US dominates the world in corporate tax rates at 40%, but remains at the brink of austerity. The war on poverty has turned into a war on the wealthy: as if poverty is created by wealth. CEO’s salaries and bonuses have been the subject of fodder for liberal-leaning Redistributionists. By their standards, corporations must be punished for success.

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Chowderhead Confirms What Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller Have Maintained All Along, But Have Been Mocked By Know-Nothings

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Take note Geraldo. Take note MSNBC, CNN and every other leftist apologist.

There is no radical Islam.

There is no moderate Islam.

Islam is Islam.

And we are seeing what Islam is every day when we witness beheadings and homicide bombings and rockets lobbed into Israel – the relentless pursuit of a world caliphate by any means necessary.

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Cancun: Hezbollah caught in vehicle with Belize plates

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Creeping Sharia

But don’t worry, the borders are safe. via Jose A. Sanchez – Facebook.

On Thursday August 28th, Police in Cancun, Mexico searched a Mercedez Benz with Belize license plates BCC-4400. It was being driven by Hacsam Elsayetd and in the vehicle were three other passengers, including two females. It is believed they went into Mexico legally at the checkpoint at Subtiniente Lopez.

These terrorists belong to the group “Hezbollah ” themselves who live in Belize according to data released necessarily had to enter the checkpoint Lieutenant Lopez. It is not yet known if the suspects carried Belizean passports.

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This Ferguson Tee Shirt Doesn’t Top the ISIS One, But It’s Right Up There

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See the new audacious teeshirt at Fire Andrea Mitchell



NYC Denny’s Goes Upscale

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Denny’s Goes Upscale With $300 Champagne Brunch in NYC


Denny’s Corp., the restaurant chain known for dishes such as the Grand Slam and Moons Over My Hammy, is opening its first diner in New York City.


The restaurant opens at 5 a.m. today on the ground-floor of a luxury residential building on Nassau Street in lower Manhattan, across from City Hall and just north of Wall Street. The diner will offer a full bar with Prosecco on tap and a $300 brunch for two that includes a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne. The interior will be upmarket as well, with copper-stamped ceilings, wood paneling and leather booths.


Denny’s, which started as a California coffee shop in 1953, has been trying to update its image and is working with franchises across the U.S. to modernize restaurants that, in many cases, are more than two decades old, said Malcolm Knapp, a restaurant-industry consultant in New York.


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The Republic of Bill

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Bill Whittle describes the nation he’d create if he were put in charge.

Watch Afterburner here





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Rep. David Valadao (R-Bakersfield) lashed out at Democrats, including congressional opponent Amanda Renteria, on California’s urgent drought problem, saying Democrat policies will fail to provide relief for millions of Central Valley residents living with severe water shortages.

“Our forefathers expected droughts, we went through droughts, and we always prepared for the next one because there was always another one coming,” Valadao told The Hill this week. “And that’s why we built the infrastructure, the reservoirs, the canals, and all those types of things.”


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Once In a Lifetime (Hopefully)

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Stop Making Sense


Despite Threats – QuikTrip Has No Plans To Rebuild in #Ferguson

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Gateway Pundit

On August 10, 2014, the Ferguson, Missouri, the local QuikTrip was looted and torched during riots over the shooting death of 18 year-old Michael Brown.

The QuikTrip was completely destroyed during the Ferguson riots.


Ferguson protesters later warned local business owners to rebuild:
“Or it’s gonna be hell to pay”

Despite the threats QuikTrip has no plans of rebuilding in Ferguson.
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Arrests In Central Park Pellet Gun Shootings

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NYPD arrested two black men for attacks against white joggers in Central Park. And get this, make sure you’re sitting down when you read it, they charged one of them, Edward Fall, with a hate crime. Read the story here


Midnight raid on “The Beast”

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FOX News

Mexico authorities stage midnight raid on migrants heading north on freight train ‘The Beast’

The lumbering freight train known as “The Beast,” a key part of the route for migrants heading north to the United States, rolled to an abrupt, unscheduled stop in the black of midnight.

Mexican federal police and immigration agents had waited silently in the brush alongside for at least hour, visible only by the glint of their powerful flashlights.

As the train stopped, the area was suddenly flooded with spotlights as agents pounced from both sides of the track, scaling ladders to the tops of the freight cars and shouting: “Federal police! Give up! You’re surrounded! Come down carefully!”

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Al Gore Thought The Arctic Ice Cap Might Be Gone by Now

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