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Warning. Very Graphic -

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UPDATE – Picture below for illustrative purposes only. This is what a decapitation looks like. This may not be one of the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of ethnic cleansing decapitations carried out by ISIS, but this is what it looks like.

A Christian girl beheaded by ISIS terrorists. There is no doubt that we face genocide. A Christian girl was beheaded by ISIS terrorists as a warning to others. This is evil in its purest,

What’d he do?

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Man Arrested For Pretending To Be Ghost


What’d They Do?

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Your Package Will Arrive Discreetly In a Plain Brown Box

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Who dat?

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It’s Katie Couric at her prom. (on right.)

He’s Right, He’s Pretty Damn Secure

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Acid Picdump (107 pics)

Winner of Punchable Face Cage Match #2

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IRS GUY – Koskinen

Punchable Face Finalist -

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Suddenly I Like Coke’s New Gimmick Campaign

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BtpVzBfIYAAY3LSht/ Daniel Tosh @MrDanielTosh


Winner round 5 punchable face

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IRS head koskinen

Winner Round 4

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Alan Colmes


winner of punchable face contest – round 3

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Punchable Face Winner Round 2

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cschuck schumer


Israel Should Be in Germany

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Israel and Palestine are warring again. Civilians are dying again. Families are losing their homes, and chaos persists. Again. This would not be happening if Israel were located somewhere that makes more sense: in Germany.

No matter where you stand in the “Israelis vs. Palestinians” political arguments—in which both sides are hopelessly entrenched and unmoving—it seems fair to acknowledge that there are some fundamental problems with the location of the nation of Israel. For one thing, it was carved out of land already occupied by someone else. Whether or not you think Israel was justified in carving itself a nation out of Palestine, you must admit that the act of doing so was bound to cause some resentment. And, indeed, it did. It caused a lot of resentment, and anger. Emotions that still exist today. And which have fueled a more or less constant state of war against Israel since Israel was created.

It is just not an ideal situation. Yes, of course, the Jewish people had ample reason to want their own homeland, what with the centuries of vicious persecution and discrimination. And yes, of course, in the wake of WWII, it was perfectly natural for the Jewish people to feel that the time was right to establish their own nation. Let’s stipulate that both of these positions, at the time of the founding of modern Israel, were reasonable:

Jewish people: We have been persecuted too long. We want our own state!

Palestinians: Okay, but don’t take my stuff to get it, please!

So the establishment of Israel, regarded by many as a towering achievement of historic justice, will forever be tainted by the fact that it was established by taking land from people who had done nothing wrong. That act laid the groundwork for the nonstop conflict that continues to this day.

What if, when it was time to establish Israel, the land had instead been taken from people who did do something wrong? From people who had, in fact, just got finished perpetrating one of history’s greatest crimes, against the Jewish people? The Nazis! The Holocaust! At the time Israel was being established, the Nazis had just been defeated. Germany was at the mercy of the Allies. What if—instead of snatching land in the Middle East and setting the stage for perpetual war and hatred—the Jewish people had just been awarded, say, half of Germany? It’s not like the Germans would have had a good case against it, after what they just did. Hell, give the Jews the best half of Germany. Give them Berlin. Give them the nice picturesque country villages and the thick forests. It’s the least that Germany could do.

An Israel established in Germany would have had several advantages to its current location. It would have been much larger. It would have been richer in natural resources. It would have a strong moral justification for its existence in that place. And, to top it all off, it would not be surrounded by Muslims committed to destroying it.


I had no idea that they also indoctrinated special needs students with leftist propaganda. Where did this Nolan character get this “history” of Israel.

He thinks Israeli’s “took the Palestinian’s stuff?”

Here’s a commenter that sets the moron straight -

krai -  ISRAEL WAS NOT STOLEN YOU FUCKIN IDIOT. KNOW YOUR FACTS BEFORE YOU PUBLISH AN ARTICLE. It’s quite simple actually. Under British rule, Jews AND Arabs lived in what was then called Palestine. When British left, they left all their weapons to the Arabs who immediately attacked the small community of Jews living there. So to recap, both arabs AND jews encompassed the land. To everyone’s surprise, the Jews were prepared and won that first war scaring off many Arabs to areas like Gaza and West Bank. These Arabs ran away to these places AFTER they attacked and lost the fight they started. Then, the UN VOTED and declared that the land would be referred to as Israel and be a Jewish state. How could this be misconstrued as stolen land in any way? Full Story

Punchable face

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round 1 winner

Ron Reagan jr.


Looks Like You Blew a…

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Acid Picdump (105 pics)

Good Vibrations

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Woman accused of trying to shoplift vibrator by sliding device behind her child in stroller