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For Low-Income Families, Obamacare Is the UNAFFORDABLE Care Act

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Protesters oppose Obamacare at Supreme Court

Yesterday the Associated Press published an article summarizing how Obamacare’s supposed benefits may well turn out to be a mirage for many low-income workers:

It’s called the Affordable Care Act, but President Barack Obama’s health care law may turn out to be unaffordable for many low-wage workers, including employees at big chain restaurants, retail stores and hotels….Because of a wrinkle in the law, companies can meet their legal obligations by offering policies that would be too expensive for many low-wage workers. For the employee, it’s like a mirage — attractive but out of reach.

The company can get off the hook, say corporate consultants and policy experts, but the employee could still face a federal requirement to get health insurance.

Here’s how it could work: Obamacare includes numerous mandates that will raise premiums. CBS News reported this week that one survey of employers showed “Obamacare may cost more than previously thought” for many firms. Due to these new mandates, some employers may feel forced to scale back the employer’s percentage of premium costs. But as long as the employer’s insurance policies cost less than 9.5 percent of an employee’s income, the employer will not face taxes under the employer mandate—and the employee will not qualify for subsidies on the exchange.

The end result could be a no-man’s land for many low-income workers. The AP notes that a worker making $21,000 could face premium costs of as much as $1,995—and that coverage would still be viewed as “affordable” under Obamacare’s standards. In reality, the worker may not be able to pay that much in premiums—but under the law would have no other coverage option.  MORE


  1. $20 Billion

    June 15th, 2013

    Of course this was the plan all along.

    Make Obamacare so complicated and untenable that people will scream bloody murder for the government to do something.

    The government’s answer will be universal health coverage, and you know who will bear the brunt of the cost.

    Not the rich nor the poor, but the working class will be squeezed again for this mess.

    Obamacare was done in collusion with big business, the insurance companies, and the politicians. They will line the pockets of the politicians with the money that has been stolen through taxation.

    The working class will revolt and that is part of the plan too.

    The time will come when it will become neccessary that the politicians, who signed off on this, will start getting murdered or kidnapped and their bodies are found lynched from city bridges and street lights.

    That is when the MSM will start to really pay attention, because they know they will be next.

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  2. bitterclinger

    June 15th, 2013

    Check out the book, “An Act of Self Defense,” on Amazon. A libertarian prof wrote it during the Bush years as a scenario of how the Founders would handle what has become of their Constitution.

    It’s excellent.

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  3. Claudia

    June 15th, 2013

    My roommate nailed it the week after Obama took office, “Is he trying to bankrupt America?”


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  4. Bob

    June 15th, 2013

    Yeah right, it’s got nothing to do with 0bamacare, and comrade Stalin said similar things about wars and famines having nothing to do with his policies either

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  5. Adley

    June 17th, 2013

    Very interesting list…for some reason, I thought the 2006 Colts were the winless squad, as there would’ve been some irony behind their SB win that year. However, they were 1-3, and I was thinking of the ’05 squad…

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