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Cesar Conda – Marco Rubio’s chief of staff worked for George Soros

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Fire Andrea Mitchell

Cesar Conda is Marco Rubio’s Chief of Staff. He recently made his Tweets private (protected) so the general public can’t ready them. Cesar Conda has been pushing amnesty for illegals on Twitter and elsewhere as Marco Rubio’s PR agent. Conda, who is an immigration lawyer, went to work for George Soros before becoming Rubio’s Chief of Staf. Cesar Conda worked on the editorial advisory board of George Soros magazine, The International Economy Magazine.

Cesar Conda had been spinning lies about the amnesty bill about how illegal wouldn’t get welfare, wait more than 10 years for citizenship, etc. Those lies have been completely debunked.

Another Rubio spokesperson, Alex Conant, recently compared illegal aliens living and working in this country to the institution of slavery.

So now you understand why Marco Rubio is so gung ho for amnesty. He surrounds himself with a George Soros monkey like Cesar Conda and other idiots like Alex Conant. Sad that Rubio is turning to be such a huge disappointment. At this point, he doesn’t seem much different than Charlie Crist.  MORE


  1. TheFineReport.com

    May 7th, 2013

    Rubio has proven himself to be either incompetent, or a fraud.

    Marco, enjoy the sidelines.

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  2. marleenna1959

    May 7th, 2013

    It’s good we can take the measure of the man before he’s the only choice besides Hillary.

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  3. dude

    May 7th, 2013

    What a punk, give us Ted Cruz instead.

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  4. unneutral

    May 7th, 2013

    It’s impossible to trust anyone.

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  5. Riverlife_Callie

    May 7th, 2013

    Doesn’t surprise me a bit. They really played us with old Marco, didn’t they?

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  6. joe6pak

    May 7th, 2013

    Obviously, this is bad news. There are so few people in politics that you can believe in. What a bunch of crap.

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  7. AbigailAdams

    May 7th, 2013

    The arrogance of politicians never seems to grow less stunning, does it?

    The incestuous relationships between the Reps and Dems have never been more stark. But in order to upset the status quo we need to loudly voice our disgust and our refusal to accept the party’s choice.

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  8. TheFineReport.com

    May 7th, 2013

    On the other hand, this creates opportunity for our side, because it shows that conservatives who show balls will be rewarded (Ted Cruz) and those that get out of line (Rubio) will be minimized.

    This also shows we hold the power.

    Look for more conservatives to emboldened by Cruz.

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  9. joe6pak

    May 7th, 2013

    @Fine, you are right, I can rally around guys like Ted Cruz. It just pisses me off to see someone like Rubio fall on his face so bad. Especially after I bragged him up!

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  10. Edith McCrotch

    May 7th, 2013

    Cuban-Americans cannot and should not argue(in equal status) for illegal immigrant’s(let’s just say it….Mexican) amnesty.

    Cubans are given automatic amnesty if they can get here.

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  11. Stirrin the BS

    May 7th, 2013

    Edith – the Mexican/Cuban distinction is a huge consideration.

    The Cubans’ motivation for emigration is to escape communism and oppression, in order to actually pursue the American opportunity.

    Most (not all) Mexicans come here for the welfare benefits, which are more than what they can earn in Mexico.

    The former are more inclined to be conservative republicans, the latter are more inclined to vote democrat. The overwhelming number of illegal immigrants are Mexicans.

    The dumbass republican politicians, as you point out, give the two equal consideration in their justification for supporting bad immigration law.

    Rubio is icing on the cake to sell that erroneous assumption. He’s either a sellout or a useful idiot – either one being proof of unfitness for office.

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  12. Machloja

    May 7th, 2013

    “Sad that Rubio is turning to be such a huge disappointment. At this point, he doesn’t seem much different than Charlie Crist”.

    Better sooner than later.

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  13. Edith McCrotch

    May 7th, 2013

    @ Stirrin…

    True dat.

    and it’s not all Mexicans per se.

    There is a kind of a Central American “caste” system.

    If you ever want to piss off a Mexican, ask him what part of Honduras he comes from.

    Sort of the same reaction if a Mexican asked me what part of Detroit I came from…if y’all ever heard my accent (to me I don’t have one by the way)you would KNOW that the only thing connecting me to Detroit is maybe the light trim on my ’76 Dodge Dart I happen to have kept from years ago.

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  14. Jake Green

    May 7th, 2013

    Rubio is a Conservative of convenience, in other words when he needs to be to score political points with real Republicans. But then he’ll go all RINO on us like with “immigration” reform. What’s to reform? Folks from other countries are here legally or illegally it isn’t any tougher than that. To keep the illegals out no matter their country of origin the borders have to be secure. Those already here illegally can be put into a position of self deportation. Steve King’s has proposed that employers who cannot verify an employees SSN cannot deduct the wages for that individual. Simple. How about no food stamps, no anchor babies, no public assistance no free education for their kids. Take away the carrots and you won’t really need the stick. But for those illegals who commit other crimes while here…prosecute them toss them in jail but don’t pay for their expensive medical procedures like transplants, send them back to their country of origin for that.

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  15. Majordomo Pain

    May 7th, 2013

    There is no such thing as an “illegal” Human Being.

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  16. markrite

    May 7th, 2013

    carpe diem! Start the movement to IMPEACH OBUMMER! And it’s WAY PAST TIME to do so; Think BENGHAZI & Lybia, think Syria, ESPECIALLY think the MONUMENTALLY INCOMPETENT HILLARY, think how life could be SO MUCH BETTER without the constant threat of Obummmmmmmer’s presence in the White House; Think of all the DEMONS FLEEING the W.H. once Hussein is IMPEACHED & REMOVED (hopefully also removed after being impeached by the House), above all, think the TOTAL elimination, as soon as possible, of the DEMONRATIC Party’s influence in any part of American life. IMPEACH OBAMA!! IMPEACH OBAMA!! And GOD BLESS ALL, MARKRITE

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