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Michelle Obama’s Mirror

Were you there? At our first MOOgle+? I was and I don’t remember seeing most of you. Oh, you didn’t know that Google + Hangouts works both ways? Well it does, butt I’ll let you off the hook this time and fill you in on all the fun we had so you don’t leave me hanging there by myself next time.

First, our hangout was hosted by Kelly Ripka

Screenshot Studio capture #805

butt since she was MOOgle+ing someplace else, we didn’t have to stand next to that skinny bi…little lady.

KellyRipa Ha… she’s got an outie!!!

Lady M and I were safely at home in our Big White studio. With all of our snacks tucked away out of camera range.

First Lady Michelle Obama participates in the “Let’s Move!” Google+ Hangout in the Blue Room of the White House, March 4, 2013. (Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy)

Shoot (can I say that?), I didn’t even have to power up my trans-imaging hardware, no butt shots and no skinny bi…. little ladies on the set.

MORE  http://www.michellesmirror.com/2013/03/moogle.html



  1. bubba

    March 7th, 2013

    good lord bubba didn’t need to see that. bubbas eyes are burnin.

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  2. Mary Jane Anklestraps

    March 7th, 2013

    LOL I heart MOTUS.

    BTW, Kelly looks like beef jerky. o_O

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  3. Dan Ryan Galt

    March 7th, 2013

    Good one Mary Jane! Some people just look better with their clothes on…some people, it just don’t make no nevermind.

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    March 7th, 2013

    concentration camp chic is sooooo….not attractive.

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  5. Chieftain

    March 7th, 2013

    She looks like she might have one of Dan Nagasaki’s toothed ancient medical devices stashed in there somewhere.

    I wonder if she knows the chick with the gun…

    I know love hurts, but damn!!

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  6. Elektra

    March 8th, 2013

    I think she is on drugs. Watch this interview with Jennifer Lawrence. Kelly is bigger than the whole set! Jen can hardly be herself probably from wondering what is wrong with her.
    Or maybe she knows…


    She used to be more subdued…

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