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Your grandmother’s a whore

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New York Post

Randy grands take over online realm – number of seniors playing the field more than doubles

Old folks hunting for flings exploded last year as seniors gleefully look to play the field online.

Ourtime.com membership sprung from 1 million to 2.5 million singles in just the last nine months, and now the three biggest love sites for grannys and granpops — Senior People Meet, Seniors Meet and Ourtime.com — share more than four million people combined.

“I have hundreds of men trying to hang out with me,” 68-year-old Liz Defore brags of her online dating frenzy.

The Southern California native joined a slew of dating sites last year after breaking up with her 48-year-old boy toy. Now she basks in male attention as more than 600 men have come running after her self-described girlish looks and youthful mind. Meanwhile, she happily scours profiles, finding herself hot metrosexuals who slather on moisturizer, manicure their fingernails and ball out at rock concerts.

“My man can’t act like a fart! I’d rather stick pins in my eyes,” says Defore.

Grey-haired singles like Defore are happily recharging their love lives online as each one averages 10 messages a month from potential partners and gets their profiles checked out 50 times every 30 days.

And the fun leaps right from the computer into the bedroom. Seniors are catching STDs at record rates; the number of 50, 60 and 70 year olds getting chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhea doubled in the past decade. The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports cases of chlamydia and syphilis in older kin ballooning to more than 19,000 and 2,500, respectively.

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  1. msq

    February 27th, 2013

    um, … ICK.

    and undignified too

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  2. Dr. Tar

    February 27th, 2013

    This is the Hippie Generation crawling out from under the zipped together sleeping bags and proclaiming “Don’t trust anyone over 30! They might have slept with a whole lot of people since Wood Stock.”

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  3. IMPEACH Obama

    February 27th, 2013

    And the Supreme Court ruled that my kids’ MANDATORY obamacare premiums should pay for contraception and STD tx for these geriatric delinquents.

    Like. Hell.

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  4. bitterclinger

    February 27th, 2013

    Oh, the humanity!

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  5. Kel Varnsen

    February 27th, 2013

    I always think of George Carlin’s classic insult -

    “You drive like old people f#ck – slow and sloppy.”

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    February 27th, 2013

    And, evidently, skanks:

    Seniors are catching STDs at record rates

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  7. Unruly Refugee

    February 27th, 2013

    e-Harmony had a good thing going there for a while, then the queers sued them for not catering to queers and ruined the whole thing for everybody.

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  8. Tony R

    February 27th, 2013

    What did we expect from the worst generation? You know, the generation that brought us Bill and Hillary Clinton.

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