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Reason #3,906 to support the Sequester: DHS to see major budget cuts

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According to the Heritage Foundation, the Budget Sequester “cuts the DHS off at the knees.”

They say it like that’s a bad thing.

… the DHS will be hit hard if the sequestration is allowed to proceed as planned. Some of the areas highlighted are:

• The TSA would have to furlough front-line screening personnel at airports, likely causing significant delays at major airports throughout the U.S.

• The Coast Guard would have to reduce air and surface operations by 25 percent, put off maintenance of its aging fleet, and delay moving into its new headquarters.

• Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) would need to downsize its workforces of both CBP officers and Border Patrol Agents.

• The Department’s Science and Technology Directorate would be forced to cut major projects entirely, including research on protecting the U.S. electrical grid, and drastically slash others.

• Funding to the National Cybersecurity Protection System would be significantly reduced.
Hey! I’ve got an idea!

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  1. I Luv Bacon

    February 22nd, 2013

    TSA only touching people’s junk 4 days week?
    Oh, the horror!
    They will only have time to concentrate on the kiddies.
    Hey ma & Pa libstain= you probably can get some great travel rates for you and the children out of this farce.

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  2. Anonymous

    February 22nd, 2013

    If DHS can’t pay for the ammo they’ve ordered maybe then we’ll be able to buy it cheap

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  3. Doc

    February 22nd, 2013

    Instead of cutting border patrol and coast guard they cut funds for buying up mega rounds of ammo that could be used against us?

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  4. Kenny Sullivan

    February 22nd, 2013

    Yeah! Start selling those 1.6 billion rounds on ebay!

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  5. venturaguy

    February 22nd, 2013

    How come the EPA never gets cut?

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  6. Kenny Sullivan

    February 22nd, 2013

    and there are ZERO cuts. Everybody gets more money. These are just reductions in growth.

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  7. One Notch Above a Congresscritter

    February 22nd, 2013

    Funny that no one at the IRS is getting furloughed. Shitstain is full of it and we all know it.

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