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Worshippers beg King Obama to slay Keystone

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The Hill

Green groups rally on climate, urge Obama to reject Keystone project

Environmental groups gathered on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Sunday and marched on the White House for a climate change rally largely aimed at pressuring President Obama to reject the Keystone XL oil sands pipeline.

Organizers said 35,000 activists attended the rally, where speakers portrayed the battle over the pipeline as a struggle between grassroots green groups and deep-pocketed special interests.

“They’ve got the lobbyists. They’ve got the super-PACs. They made the campaign contributions. They’ve got this town in their pockets — they have got the situation under control. And then you show up. And then we show up. And we change the game,” Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) told the crowd not long before it marched on the White House.

Obama will decide whether the project goes forward because it crosses national boundaries.

The pipeline would bring fossil fuels from Canadian tar sands fields to the Gulf Coast. Environmentalists are painting Obama’s upcoming decision as the litmus test for whether he plans to make good on recent comments about tackling climate change.

Activists at Sunday’s rally said approving the pipeline would taint Obama’s record on climate change. They said they hoped the demonstration would give the president the will to nix Keystone, even when a majority of both the House and the Senate want it built.

“His heart is there. The question is can we change the politics enough so he can do what he knows is right. And I believe that he will,” Van Jones, a former Obama adviser, told The Hill.

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  1. hanoverfist

    February 18th, 2013

    Go freeze to death,nut sacks.

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  2. Maureen from Canada

    February 18th, 2013

    Oh yes, the grassroots – the following is interesting reading. If US Foundations are funding these Canadian groups, to what extent are they funding US ‘grassroots’ organizations.

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  3. Shotwell

    February 18th, 2013

    There should be a Jobs test for any legislation in regards to EPA requirements. Pick a number 100,1000,10,000 jobs lost due EPA rules.

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  4. Stranded in Sonoma

    February 18th, 2013

    So, does this mean that these protesters are against all pipelines? Must be. I say we get the names and addresses of all these protesters and force them to give up all petroleum products.

    No gas for cooking and heating, no oil or gasoline for cars, no plastics for cell phones, medical supplies and the like. I think they should be forced to give up all modern conveniences that have anything to do with petroleum. That way, they’ll be living just the way they want all of us to live; like 8th century muzloids.

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  5. MNHawk

    February 18th, 2013

    Too bad their boy hopped the private jet and headed out of town, when they showed up.

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  6. Nobody Canuck

    February 18th, 2013

    Oilsands! Not fucking Tarsands!

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