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Don’t freak. It’s just the R-word.

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by Lloyd Marcus, American Thinker

When you mention the R-word, some folks on our side (Republicans/conservatives) feel uncomfortable.  I guess that in their minds, it feeds into the left branding the Tea Party as ignorant racists clinging to their God and guns, as President Obama described us.  But I have long since stopped caring about what the characterless media and liberals think of me.

Candidly, when I first appeared on national TV, I was a bit nervous.  Oh, the humiliation of coming across like an idiot.  I was selected to be on a major cable news program as a spokesperson for Tea Party Express.  My goal was to set the record straight about the Tea Party.

But when the host began her interview proclaiming that the Tea Party is racist, no ifs, ands, or buts about it, I realized that the truth would be irrelevant there.  This woman knew nothing about the Tea Party; she hadn’t attended even a single rally.

I am a black man who has been warmly embraced by fellow patriots at over 400 Tea Party rallies.  And yet, I had to listen to this liberal media hack attempting to demonize decent folks and racially divide Americans for her political agenda.  Though I kept myself contained during the interview, I’ll admit that I was furious.

These people are unworthy of my respect or fear.  As for the media’s despicable claim that the Tea Party is racist, I have ceased dignifying it with a response.  However, I will state that the Tea Party is the last hope for America — salt-of-the-earth good people who simply love their country and reject socialism.

Regarding the R-word, I must tell you about my new original song, titled “We Are Americans.”  Its message is divinely inspired and required to restore America.  I was extremely excited about performing the song in my repertoire at Tea Parties.

Surprisingly, “We Are Americans” was not instantly embraced…because it contained the R-word one time towards the end of the song.

You might think you know the word I’ve been referring to this whole time, but then you might be surprised.  The word I am referring to is “Repent.”  See, some folks are uncomfortable when you add religious faith into the mix.  But as John Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.”

Perhaps this explains why the left despises and is so hell-bent on getting rid of the Constitution.

For the Bible-phobic, let’s ponder the R-word from a non-religious historical point of view.  Can you say “Roman Empire,” boys and girls?  The mightiest empire on the planet collapsed from within due to immorality.

Can anyone deny that America is racing to the same end?


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  1. FreeMan & Sarah at the State of the SEIU

    February 14th, 2013

    The R Word?

    I am getting thirsty, anyone have a bottle of water?

    On second thought I think I will have tea.

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  2. conservative cowgirl

    February 14th, 2013

    I thought he was going to say he called the interviewer a ‘retard’.

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  3. AbigailAdams

    February 14th, 2013

    We used to teach our children that an apology meant that you understood what you’d done wrong and would try not to do it again in the future. Now “sorry” means you “used your words” but hasn’t much significance beyond that.

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