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Sen. Burr: CIA Has ‘Flatly Refused’ to Give Intel Committee Some Benghazi-Related Documents

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(CNSNews.com) – Sen. Richard Burr, a member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, said that the CIA has “flatly refused” to give some Benghazi-related documents to the committee, which is conducting an investigation of the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attacks on the State Department and CIA personnel and facilities in Benghazi, Libya.

Sen. Burr made the assertion last week at the confirmation hearing for John Brennan, whom President Barack Obama has nominated to be director of the CIA. Brennan currently serves as the president’s counterterrorism adviser.

“Mr. Brennan, as you know, the committee’s conducting a thorough inquiry into the attacks in Benghazi, Libya,” Sen. Burr said. “In the course of this investigation, the CIA has repeatedly delayed and in some cases flatly refused to provide documents to this committee.”

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  1. Roadmaster

    February 14th, 2013

    Delay, deflect, dissemble – what’s new? This tactic was honed by Clintons and perfected by His Imperial Wonderfulness, Caesar Obama.

    I’m one of those old geezers who remembers when the media, much less the Congress and the populace in general, would have raised HOLY HELL if a gubmint agency had pulled this stunt in the past.

    To quote Mel Brooks, “It’s good to be the King…”

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  2. yourfavoriteunkle

    February 14th, 2013

    Kinda makes ya wonder what they’re hidin’, don’t it? I suspect that when this all comes to light we’re gonna find-out that this administration is running weapons as well as using their “creative crisis” skills in concert with other foreign entities. Anybody wanna bet on it?

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  3. Hotlanta Mike

    February 14th, 2013

    Leon Panetta stated in a Senate hearing recently that he, Petraeus and Hillary all agreed on supplying arms to militant groups fighting in Syria, but that the White House ruled against it.

    My guess is some of these documents provide proof of the WH’s involvement in proceeding to arm islamic militant groups.

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  4. Stranded in Sonoma

    February 14th, 2013

    Congress should take the CIA to court and demand that those documents be given to the intelligence committee, for review in camera. Then let the intelligence committee make a ruling without revealing any secret information. Yes, the decision would be based on secret information but you can word the report in such a way as to not reveal that information or its source.

    Or course, Oscumbag doesn’t want that either because the report would be damning to him anyway.

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