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OBAMA: “After years of grueling recession, our businesses have created over 6 million new jobs.”

THE FACTS: That’s in the ballpark, as far as it goes. But Obama starts his count not when he took office, but from the point in his first term when job losses were the highest. In doing so, he ignores the 5 million or so jobs that were lost on his watch, up to that point.

Private sector jobs have grown by 6.1 million since February 2010. But since he became president, the gain is a more modest 1.9 million.

And when losses in public sector employment are added to the mix, his overall jobs record is a gain of 1.2 million.

OBAMA: “We have doubled the distance our cars will go on a gallon of gas.”

THE FACTS: Not so fast.

That’s expected to happen in 12 more years.

Under a deal the Obama administration reached with automakers in 2011, vehicles will have a corporate average fuel economy of 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025, twice the 27 miles per gallon, on average, that cars and trucks get today. Automobile manufacturers won’t start making changes to achieve the new fuel economy standards until model year 2017. Not all cars will double their gas mileage, since the standard is based on an average of a manufacturers’ fleet.

OBAMA: “Already the Affordable Care Act is helping to reduce the growth of health care costs.”

THE FACTS: The jury is still out on whether Obama’s health care overhaul will reduce the growth of health care costs. It’s true that cost increases have eased, but many experts say that’s due to the sluggish economy, not to the health care law, whose main provisions are not yet fully in effect.




  1. Diann

    February 13th, 2013

    I dutifully did a little research and I have a comparison for you:

    First 2nd Term SOTU Comparison:
    Obama (2103)
    “I” = 34
    “My” = 25
    “Me” = 3

    Reagan (1985)
    “I” = 17
    “My” = 0
    “Me” = 0

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  2. McFartus Spontaneous

    February 13th, 2013

    Obama – “I am not gay!”

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  3. bitterclinger

    February 13th, 2013

    With the Westminster Kennel Club show and the Indonesian’s speech about the only thing on the tube last night, it was no contest when it came to which dog to watch.

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  4. Houston

    February 13th, 2013

    Fact: Under Obamacare I went from paying NOTHING for my healthcare to a $3000 deductible then a 10% copay.

    It saves me nothing and takes all the hard work I’ve put in to get where I WAS away.

    I’m ready to go Gault.

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  5. Diann

    February 13th, 2013


    I was surprised that I had so little to say…

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  6. demonrat dave

    February 13th, 2013

    It was a pep talk for low information voters from the no infromation president that leads the disinformation party and nothing else.

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  7. Dr. Tar

    February 13th, 2013

    Oh, what’s a few stretched truths between a demagogue and the masses?

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  8. Stirrin the B.S.

    February 13th, 2013

    Precisely why I watched 30 seconds of the speech. Screaming BULLSHIT repeatedly for one hour does not make one a pleasant person to be around.

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  9. Left Coast Dan

    February 13th, 2013

    @Dianny – ’58 trillion dimes’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vowHQwFUHAY

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  10. Stirrin the B.S.

    February 13th, 2013

    @Diann – a single dime? It depends on what the definition of is, is.

    When called out on his claim, BO responded: “I said a single dime. Last I counted, 12 trillion is NOT a single.”

    That my friends, is the truth, as defined by a politician.

    Yes, my head exploded.

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  11. Diann

    February 13th, 2013

    My point, yup. It is way more than a single dime.

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  12. eternal cracker p

    February 13th, 2013

    In recent news, an executive order will eliminate the dime.

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  13. B. Hussein Obama

    February 13th, 2013

    For all you pathetic peons who call ME a liar … I cannot tell a lie, for I am the ONE, THE CHOSEN ONE … chosen by His Satanic Majesty Soros to expound the narrative … the narrative cannot be a lie … for the narrative is the way I am installing my brand of National Socialism in America.

    You peasants WILL submit – or die!

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