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Procession escorts ex-Navy SEAL Kyle to burial

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Miami Herald

AUSTIN, Texas –¬†After a 200-mile journey, former Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle was buried Tuesday in Austin as his family members and fellow SEALS looked on amid the sounds of drums and bagpipes.

A giant Texas flag flew at half-staff over the Texas State Cemetery as Kyle was laid to rest. Kyle, considered to be the deadliest sniper in U.S. military history, was killed along with a friend earlier this month while at a North Texas gun range.

A white hearse carrying Kyle’s flag-draped coffin was among 200 vehicles in a procession that left Tuesday morning from Kyle’s hometown of Midlothian, about 25 miles southwest of Dallas, to travel to Austin. Many motorists pulled to the side of roads to watch the procession that included motorcycles, motor coaches, police cruisers and other vehicles.

It briefly came to a halt when three motorcycles in the procession went down just north of Austin, sending two people to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries, said Belton police Sgt. Larry Berg. He said Navy SEALs in the procession rendered first aid until authorities arrived.

“Heroes on duty and heroes off duty, certainly,” Berg said.

Larry Key, one of about 100 Patriot Guard Riders who gathered for the event, said he came in tribute to Kyle’s service. Kyle, 37, completed four tours in Iraq and wrote the best-selling book “American Sniper.”

“It’s our way of honoring Chris and his family,” said Key, a Vietnam veteran from Denton.

In Austin, hundreds of people gathered on roads stretching nearly a mile from the cemetery. Many who came to watch the procession were combat veterans in leather jackets who parked their motorcycles three wide around the permitted area of the gravesite. Others were businessmen in suits on their lunch break from the nearby Capitol, families with strollers and at least one jogger taking a break from an afternoon run.

Mike Lamb, 24, stood about a half-mile from the cemetery wearing a mustard yellow Marine Corps shirt and holding a sign that read, “Fair Winds and Calm Seas Frogman! R.I.P.”

Lamb said he called in sick from work to see the procession. Because of that, he was at first reluctant to give his name. But he then rationalized that it didn’t matter. Next month, Lamb is leaving for boot camp in the Marines.




  1. McFartus Spontaneous

    February 13th, 2013

    RIP soldier. You are not forgotten

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  2. Boobie the Rocket Dog

    February 13th, 2013

    Odd that Cardigan chose to link the report of the Miami Herald, a leftist rag if ever there was one.

    Why not a Texas paper?

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  3. ejazzyjeff

    February 13th, 2013

    Yet not a word from our President. He writes personal letters to a rapper’s family when he died, commented on Whitney Houston’s death, yet nothing from the White House about Chris.

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  4. Team America

    February 13th, 2013

    I loved when I heard that hundreds of vets, many on motorcycles stood against the westboro baptist scumbags. Anytime these idiots would start screaming their stupid rants against vets, the hero’s on bikes would rev their engines to drown them out. It was great.

    God rest your soul, Chris Kyle. I pray for your family.

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  5. Maudie N Mandeville

    February 13th, 2013

    Where’s Ron Paul when you least expect a smarmy comment?

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  6. Dr. Tar

    February 13th, 2013

    Yep, Obama makes a personal phone call to a flaky Georgetown law student when Rush hurts her feelings. But an American hero dies when trying to help a troubled colleague and not a peep from the WH.

    A disgrace.

    I mean at least send Biden to the memorial, its one of the few requirements of his job.


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