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Allen West ‘On the Record’

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Allen West says the media should stop asking Obama what his favorite color is, that it’s time to stand up to the president like Dr. Ben Carson did at the prayer breakfast. [snip]

And there’s more, including his thoughts on the navy SEAL who killed Bin Laden not having a pension.


Watch the video here.


  1. Death_By_Farts

    February 12th, 2013

    I love Allen West.

    I know in the past some articles have made me mad enough to use the N word, but I don’t mean people like West and Carson.

    I would vote proudly, with a tear in my eye for West/Carson in 2016.

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  2. Tim

    February 12th, 2013

    I’m fairly certain Col. West understands that the media ask BO about his favorite color because they are the propaganda arm of socialism, not legitimate news outlets.

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  3. Jethro

    February 12th, 2013

    Read the story of “Sergent York”.
    This guy, and those that served in that mission should be given the same treatment by the US government and citizens.

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  4. Jethro

    February 12th, 2013


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  5. Bad Brad

    February 12th, 2013

    Everyone knows his favorite color. Sheeez who had to ask BLACK.

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