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Blowback from the Grass Roots

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How Steve King learned to love Karl Rove

If there is only one grassroots conservative in the country who is happy about the rollout of Karl Rove’s Conservative Victory Project, it’s Representative Steve King of Iowa.

Allies of the conservative potential Senate candidate are practically chortling about how the swings taken at King by Steven Law, president of the Conservative Victory Project, are boosting King’s prospective candidacy.

“Steve King hadn’t done anything to Karl Rove, so they fired the first shot, but I guarantee it won’t be the last,” vows Chuck Laudner, a former King adviser. The Conservative Victory Project has done “nothing but encourage Steve King, and anybody like Steve King across the country.”

Indeed, tea-partiers across the country have been galvanized by a New York Times story detailing a new effort by the Rove-run American Crossroads PAC to target purportedly unelectable GOP Senate candidates in primaries. And in an unexpected twist, Rove’s latest initiative, dubbed the Conservative Victory Project, may be spurring anti-establishment types to put their names on the ballot, instead of discouraging them.

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  1. Moe Tom

    February 11th, 2013

    From The Watchdog, The Media Research Center. Jan /2013.

    “In an embarrassingly desperate case of wishful thinking, the NYT ran a commentary on Dec. 3 that claimed if William F.Buckley Jr. were alive today he would seek to purge Tea Party advoates from the conservative movement like he purged John Bitcher back in t 1960s. The commentary,by one-time RNC flack David Welch, claimed that it was time “to drive extremists from the party” and that the people to do it are..Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and Karl Rove.
    In response to this immodest proposal, WFB’s nephew Brent Bozell sent a letter to the NYT that read,”let me suggest to you what my uncle would have said instead,while laughing at Mr.Welch’s proposal: ‘Given that the Tea Party is definitely not the John Birch Society, we therefore do not need moderates like Jeb Bush or Chris Christie and operatives like Karl Rove running the conservative movement. They are ideally suited to be driven from our ranks.’” Hear,Hear!”

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  2. Hank

    February 12th, 2013

    Let’s hope they keep poking the sleeping giant…

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