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It’s Not Voter Fraud If Your Votes Are For Obama

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What’s wrong with a little voter fraud when the two votes are for the Obamessiah? While the Democrats and the liberal media continue to put voter fraud in the same category as unicorns and the toot fairy. But as they continue to deny the existence of voter fraud new examples keep popping up.

One county in Ohio-  Hamilton,  is investigating 19 possible cases of alleged voter after the 2012 election.

Twenty-eight subpoenas have been issued as a result of the investigation, which includes 19 Hamilton County voters and nine witnesses who still need to answer questions to satisfy the board.

The board started with 80 suspicious cases and now are down to 19. One of them is a real whopper, a paid poll-worker being investigated:

Melowese Richardson, a Madisonville resident, first learned of the allegations when approached by 9 On Your Side reporter Tom McKee Wednesday. Even though she admits to voting twice in the last election, she said the news came as surprise.

“I would think that something this important would come to me first and that I wouldn’t have to be enlightened about this through you,” said Richardson.

I know maybe she has a split personality and she didn’t know because each of them only voted one time! How do you NOT know how many times you voted.

MORE:  http://yidwithlid.blogspot.com/2013/02/its-not-voter-fraud-if-your-votes-are.html


  1. thirdtwin

    February 9th, 2013

    Melowese Richardson…mmm, mmm, mmmmm.

    “Mip Ronnie? He SUCK.”

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  2. Bad Brad

    February 9th, 2013

    These are not Low Info Voters, they are Racist Tribal Cults. And it’s gotta stop.

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  3. Moxie Man

    February 9th, 2013

    I’d make sure Cybill is on my side.

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  4. Brian in BC

    February 9th, 2013

    Rule of Law has been replaced with the Rule of Man, this is the definitive point of transition into dictatorship.

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  5. cfm990

    February 9th, 2013

    “Absolutely. Absolutely, I’ll fight it for Mr. Obama and for Mr. Obama’s right to sit as president of the United States.”

    There ya go people. It’s obama’s right. It’s the 2nd and a 1/2 ammendment
    “The right of the Obama, to force the people to bear the brunt of his incompitence, and treason, shall not be infringrd.”

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  6. Edith McCrotch

    February 9th, 2013

    Melowese you indigent slut.

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  7. Dadof3

    February 9th, 2013

    I bet no one’s clutching their chest and yelling ‘I’m comin, I’m on my way Meloweezy’ for her.

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  8. ThisObamaNation

    February 9th, 2013

    Video:STUNNING:Obama’s Pick For CIA Is A Converted MUSLIM!


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  9. Stranded in Sonoma

    February 9th, 2013

    I would think that something this important would come to me first and that I wouldn’t have to be enlightened about this through you.

    I would think that something as important as voting wouldn’t be taken so lightly by you as to think you have a right to cast more than one vote and, in essence, steal a vote from someone that understands their constitutional right to vote means you only get one.

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  10. Bad Brad

    February 10th, 2013

    Stranded, You are not talking or dealing with a civilized mentality. She’s a half a step away from throwing her poop at you. Am I a racists? I don’t know anymore. I’d rally behind Allen West, Mia Love, Ben Carson. So I think not.

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  11. Death_By_Farts

    February 10th, 2013

    I’m not afraid to say it, so I’ll say it.

    Niggers like that dumb bitch NEED to be put back in chains.

    She just admitted to voter fraud, so SHE NEEDS TO BE ARRESTED!

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  12. Death_By_Farts

    February 10th, 2013

    For anyone who asks how Obama got elected again, this woman just answered that question for you.

    So unless all you stupid bastards who stayed at home last election, don’t get out and vote…Then niggers like her will be making sure a democrat wins the presidency every time from now on.

    Think about that.

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  13. Billy Fuster

    February 10th, 2013

    Hey everybody. Keep paying your taxes so the socialists can keep destroying the country!

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  14. One Notch Above a Congresscritter

    February 10th, 2013

    Well fuck. I didn’t get the memo and only voted once.

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