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Argentine Media Say Govt Taking Away Advertising

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Argentina’s newspapers say supermarket and appliance companies have been told to stop advertising during a price freeze the government imposed to stem inflation.

The government denies this: Consumer protection official Maria Colombo calls it “an invention” of the daily newspaper Clarin.

But Clarin spokesman Martin Etchevers says advertisers told both Clarin and La Nacion they’re dropping the ads under pressure from Commerce Secretary Guillermo Moreno.

A trade group representing Argentina’s supermarkets did not respond to Associated Press questions on Friday.

Consumer ads bring important income to newspapers that don’t enjoy government subsidies or official advertising. Argentina’s auditor-general criticized the government this week for spending $460 million on official advertising from 2007-2010, and giving most of it to only five of the country’s 300-plus media companies, without considering their audience size.


  1. buzzarino

    February 9th, 2013

    Could be a sign that nobody has any money to spend. They just don’t want to admit how bad they screwed things up down there.

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  2. Stranded in Sonoma

    February 9th, 2013

    …to stop advertising during a price freeze the government imposed to stem inflation.

    Would those be similar to the price freezes that Nixon, Ford, and Carter tried for the inflation of the 1970s? I was there. I remember it. It was caused by the Senate removing the final 25% gold backing for the federal reserve notes in 1968. The inflation caught up with us in the mid 70s. But to listen to the knuckle-draggers tell it, the problem was really all the fault the wage-price spiral or the cost-price push. Because there are real differences between wages, prices, and costs.

    Schmucks. Wages and prices are costs. A wage is just a cost to the business owner. A price is just a cost to the consumer or to the business for materials. I love it when these pseudo-intellectual socialists try to explain economics. They think it’s a difficult subject but it’s not. Just cut gov’t spending, cut taxes, and stop printing paper money. Then watch the economy recover on its own.

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