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Paul Krugman channels Sarah Palin, admits Death Panels will be required to keep Obamacare solvent

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Doug Ross

I’m guessing that Sparky McEnron  didn’t realize he was being videotaped:

Eventually we do have a problem. That the population is getting older, health care costs are rising… there is this question of how we’re going to pay for the programs. The year 2025, the year 2030, something is going to have to give

We’re going to need more revenue… Surely it will require some sort of middle class taxes as well… We won’t be able to pay for the kind of government the society will want without some increase in taxes… on the middle class, maybe a value added tax…

And we’re also going to have to make decisions about health care, doc pay for health care that has no demonstrated medical benefits.

So the snarky version… which I shouldn’t even say because it will get me in trouble is death panels and sales taxes is how we do this.

“Death panels and sales taxes is how we do this”?

Say, I wonder if the ill-named “Politifact” will formally apologize for calling Sarah Palin’s reference to Obamamcare’s death panels its 2009 “Lie of the Year”, when it’s now been verified by President Obama’s favorite economist?

MORE  http://www.directorblue.blogspot.com/2013/02/paul-krugman-channels-sarah-palin.html


  1. MaryfromMarin

    February 8th, 2013

    You can’t hide the truth forever.

    What bothered me was no audience reaction whatsoever when he said, “…death panels and sales taxes is how we do this”. To whom was he speaking, in what appears to be a synagogue? What kind of safe or brainwashed gathering was this, that he could say those words with no audible reaction?

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  2. Wyatt, Insensitive Progressive Jerk

    February 8th, 2013

    “We won’t be able to pay for the kind of government the society will want.”

    Therein lies the problem – a lot of us don’t want the kind of government Krugman advocates. And we don’t want it for the very reasons Krugman is now apparently admitting are true – exorbitant taxes filing heavily on the middle class, as well as governmental control over life and death.

    What Krugman is admitting is that he and his fellow liberal cronies lied in order to gain more power. Which many of us knew already.

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  3. Czar of Defenestration

    February 8th, 2013

    Let him “lead” by example…YOU FIRST, a§§hole.

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  4. beezzer

    February 8th, 2013

    Obama’s legacy.

    Taxes and governrment mandated death panels.

    Wonder if he’ll use drones.

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  5. Twellsyy

    February 8th, 2013

    So I guess it is true that the only sure things in this world are death and taxes. They’ll see to it.

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  6. Bloodless Coup

    February 8th, 2013

    The Most Transparent White House Administration Ever, Refuses To Make Any More Information Public, About Obama’s Illegal Unconstitutional Drone MURDERS.


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  7. boomerang

    February 8th, 2013

    “We won’t be able to pay for the kind of government the society will want”

    There are a whole lot of things that I want but I’m adult enough to know I can’t afford them. Someone needs to get that through the heads of Mr. Krugman and his ilk. There are services that the government can provide through confiscation that do not make our nation stronger and better.

    They’ll never get it. Even after they’ve ruined what was once in so many respects the best country in the world.

    They’ll still be blaming it all on Bush too.

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  8. Dadof3

    February 8th, 2013


    Oh, I heard a reaction from the audience but I took it as even worse than none – they laughed.

    With silence I could at least pretend they were too horrified to say anything.

    And yeah, that does look like a menorah behind him so I’ll bet it’s at a synagogue.

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  9. Dan Ryan Galt

    February 8th, 2013

    So the only up side to Obama-Care then is that Progs like Paul Clueless-man will be on the Death Panel list?

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  10. Boobie the Rocket Dog

    February 8th, 2013

    Wyatt and boomerang quoted it, but I’m sure most of us spotted Krugman’s fallacious premise right off the bat. It’s not true that most of us want socialism NOW, let alone THEN.

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  11. IMPEACH Obama

    February 8th, 2013

    So when do we finally impeach The Won™ ???

    How many lies, open (and brazen) theft of monies, and breaches of The US Constitution will it take ?!

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