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Understanding Motives Behind the Obama Administration

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Push for gun control misplaces blame

by Star Parker, OneNewsNow

Why are President Obama and Senator Dianne Feinstein so ready to compromise basic American freedoms with gun control measures to solve a problem that Obama acknowledges we don’t understand?

Read here.

“Never let a crisis go to waste.”

Most people, such as the author of this article, are sincerely agonizing over what is happening to our nation. They struggle to come up with common sense / logical reasons why the Obama administration acts as they do.

Not many are willing to publicly state or even theorize the motivation to shred the Constitution and eliminate our rights while making up new “rights” to fit their agenda (healthcare, contraceptives, equal outcomes, etc.). They don’t seem capable of believing that there can be Americans that are truly anti-American. At least they don’t admit it. Thus we have near useless discussions and articles that only preach to the choir by delving into the failings of Obama and his administration.

Don’t get me wrong; this is a beautiful and smart article. It’s just frustrating. The attempts by sincere people to discuss these failings lead to frustration because we begin with a fallacy. That fallacy is that this administration has the same goals as patriotic citizens do; to cure what ails our nation.

They cannot or will not face the possibility that our leaders desire America to fail. To even suggest this would raise such a ruckus among the elite on the right (as well as the Alinsky tactics of the left) that it would shut down any serious attempt to delve into this possibility. Even as we readers and commenters try to bring up this subject, we are called conspiracy theorists and crazy; not to be engaged with serious discussions.

As I stated before, not many are willing to bring this up. Thank God for the few who have tried and are still trying. I think of Rush, Levin and sometimes Hannity (although he has other issues). I’m sure there are others.

I guess the reason I’m bringing this up is that when I read articles like the one above, I become frustrated that the authors don’t seem to consider that what they are saying really doesn’t matter to our leaders today. They can make absolute sense and come up with the most eloquent solutions to our problems today, but those who create the problems just respond (if they even read these articles) by saying, “Pffftttt”.



  1. MaryfromMarin

    February 5th, 2013

    Excellent comments, @claudia. I think about these things, too. [And I can add another name to your short list of writers who DO consider the real motives of the Left--Erik Rush.]

    Where have the blinders come from? It does seem that thoughtful people, who have clearly worked hard to try and analyze the problems and difficulties, have a huge, glaring blind spot: they seem unable to comprehend just how far evil has spread in our society, and how very influential it is. What makes it more strange is that many of these people are faith-filled believers, such as Ms. Parker.

    Those who can see–and will discuss–the influence of evil have been pushed into a difficult position: they are satirized by the Left and patronizingly dismissed by almost everyone else.

    We have to stop attributing “good, although flawed” motives to most of our political and cultural leaders. We have to look elsewhere for the true motives, no matter how un-PC that might turn out to be.

    I am certain as to where this is all coming from, but I and others like me are definitely in the minority.

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  2. F.D.R. in Hell

    February 5th, 2013

    Listen, my peeps, I’m nearing the limit of my capacity to digest and discuss and comment on the destruction of America, both here and on other Internet venues.

    All I can say about the Nation’s unwillingness to accept the obvious Administration agenda, is the allegory of the pearl…

    “Drop a pearl in a beaker of acid,
    if it dissolves away, it was real.”


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  3. Billy Fuster

    February 5th, 2013

    I am way past giving credence to any pundit who does not advocate at least tax revolution, secession, and civil disobedience. We are at an evolutionary phase where individuals cannot rely on “leaders”, none of which have the courage to say what is necessary, all of which are only interested in holding on to what they have. It is time for those concerned to become self-leaders.

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  4. bitterclinger

    February 5th, 2013

    I have no problem calling it like I see it. Obama’s a creation of the faaaaaaaaaaaar left. He’s a Communist. His parents were communists. His grandparents were communists. His pedo mentor was communist. His wizened gnome right-hand Iranian is a communist. He fits right in with the “new,” Soro-bought-and-paid-for CPUSA, masquerading as the democrat party.

    He wants to break America and her people. He wants us to suffer for all the wrong his fantasized colonialism has caused. He’s going to rob us blind and redistribute our wealth to his cronies and corruptocrats throughout the world.

    Our G-d has turned His face from us because of the abject and staggering evil in this country.

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  5. Menderman

    February 5th, 2013

    Most liberals I know as friends are nice and well intentioned, but horribly uninformed and naive, and cannot fathom the evil that exists in this world. They see me a a bit paranoid and uncarring. I can forgive them for their beliefs just as they forgive me for mine, but when it comes to the Kennedy’s, Feinsteins, Obama’s, Reids, algores of this world, there is no place in Hell that I do not wish upon them…they should burn! They know what they are doing is wrong, yet they do it for their own gain and could care less who dies or suffers for their perceived pleasures in life.

    As to why so many miss the evil that exists…I think it is human nature to see the best in people, good Lord I try! It is also a much easier life ignoring evil and turning a blind eye to it. American Idol is more appealing than the latest cspan feed…or beheading video…but not looking does not stop the beheadings…

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  6. NoMoBo

    February 5th, 2013

    @bitterclinger – terrific comment. I have passed it on to my email list, some of who will be clutching pearls upon reading it. You have it exactly right.

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  7. Menderman

    February 5th, 2013

    I just thought of a perfect example…

    Last May, just before the NC Primary and gay marriage referendum, my Father in Law, who is a deeply religious man and a Deacon in his rural Southern Baptist Church (and a life long Democrat) said to me “I hope you plan to vote ‘Yes’ on the gay marriage bill”. I said: No, I plan to vote No”, and then he asked why…I said “Mr. Menderwomans Dad, I have gay friends both male and female and care none what they do in their homes, and they never make it any kind of issue, and neither do I. But, Sir, there is no way that I am going to vote to put a law on the books making it legally recognized that it is OK for a guy to stick his pecker up some other guys butt…I just can’t do it.” He said, “I don’t like that either, I just try not to think about it” Then American Idol came on and he wanted to get the numbers so he could text for his fav, and the conversation ended.

    BTW, that is the ONLY time I saw an episode of that show…

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  8. F.D.R. in Hell

    February 5th, 2013

    When all the evils (there are many) now spreading from the Administration reaches the front door of -every- American home (and trust me, EVERY), it will become obvious to all.
    But, God* help you, too late.

    * I pray you’re wrong, bitterclinger.

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  9. AbigailAdams

    February 5th, 2013

    I’m sure someone has already said this way more eloquently than I, but I’ve sifted through all the words, words, words, and I’ve determined that it is a binary choice: either you believe in a power higher than man and that humans are inherently flawed or you believe that man is supreme and perfectible. The Left believes the latter. I think they believe that there is the Left and Everyone Else (the ones who do not “understand”), the ones who need the guiding hand of their superior understanding. Although they will never admit it, the Left is ruled by fear which is the antithesis of God. Mainly they are afraid of growing up, growing old or suffering through the dark night of the individual soul. None of these things can be done as a group, but necessitates a rite of passage that pits a lone person against their own limitations.

    Hillsdale College’s periodical, Imprimis, has an excellent article this month from the recipient of an honor given to teachers at charter and private K-12 schools.

    “We live in a culture of Peter Pans”

    Jason Barney
    Latin Teacher, Clapham School

    link: http://www.hillsdale.edu/news/imprimis/archive/issue.asp?year=2013&month=01

    It is the second article down.

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  10. cato

    February 5th, 2013

    It is difficult to grasp the greed, power and the use of both for subjugating (fundamentally transforming) this nation.

    There is little difference between the Pelosis, Feinsteins, Reids, Schummers, et al. on the democrat side and the McCains, Boehners, Collins, Snows, Murkowskis, et al. on the republican side.

    In the Senate, not a single Democrat is more conservative than the most liberal Republican, and not a single Republican is more liberal than the most conservative Democrat. The democrats dominate the senate with GOP help.

    With the size of the House there’s more cross-over, but still considered liberal and at best moderate. The GOP house have become the weak kneed appeasers and enablers of the subjugation.

    Having the masses see the evil that is encompassing this nation will not change the course the next 4 years or beyond.

    When you control the presidency, the make-up of Congress, the complicit members and leaders and the lap dog media, from where we arewhat will change? The president ignores the constitution, congress, supreme court, laws and the will of the people. His agencies in the administration make and create rules, policies and regulations that further suppress liberty, free enterprise, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, privacy, and self determination, etc.—— The Senate, House and the Supreme Court are either gutless, neutered or are willingly playing a role in the power play called fundamental transformation.

    Frustrated? Helpless? Disenfranchised, Beleaguered ? Threatened? Overtaxed? Financially squeezed? And feel like I have no representative voice in Government? HELL, YES !!!!

    As the greatest secretary of state ever stated, “What difference does it make, now?”

    The Liberty Tree is crying for nourishment.

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  11. Menderman

    February 5th, 2013

    BTW, the news just came on. The breaking news is that there was a shooting 5 counties away. In my neck of the woods where the TV station covers 20 or so counties, every shooting is “Breaking News”.

    just sayin’

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  12. Houston

    February 5th, 2013

    It’s the case of people with their heads in the sand saying it cannot happen here. We are all considered insane because we see believe it can and is happening here.

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  13. Menderman

    February 5th, 2013

    I think this explains it pretty well:


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  14. Stirrin the B.S.

    February 6th, 2013

    Wow, just wow. I’m sorry I missed this thread. Great commentary from Claudia, Bitterclinger, Menderman and all of you. And cato, it took a while for someone to point out what, or should say who, makes this whole evil “transformation” – destruction – possible, but you did say it: The state run communist media.

    I second everyone’s comments here. This is a big fuckin deal. I wish Fur would bump this thread and let more people read it and comment.

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