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Happy 100th, Income Tax! Drop Dead.

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16th Amendment – The gift that keeps on taking.

The income tax was considered by Homer S. Cummings, chairman of the Democratic National during Woodrow Wilson’s presidency, as one of the most notable achievements of the Democratic Party. This was made possible through the ratification of the 16th Amendment, passed on Feb. 3, 1913 – 100 years ago.

Following the 16th Amendment, the Revenue Act of 1913 was passed and signed into law on Oct. 3, 1913. And so, the income tax was made a permanent part of American culture.

In 1913, the highest income earners tax rate was 7 percent. That is dramatically different from today’s highest earners, especially after the latest increase in income taxes.




  1. Jack Daniels

    February 4th, 2013

    Even as far back as 1880, The Republicans knew what was needed to be done and understood the evil that is the Democrat party.

    This little gem was from General Grant.

    Reasons for Being a Republican: General Grant
    Delivered at Warren Ohio, Sept 28, 1880

    In view of the known character of the speaker who is to address you today, and his long public career, and association with the leading statesmen of this country for the past twenty years, it would not be becoming in me to detain you with many remarks of my own. But it may be proper for me to account to you on the first occasion of my presiding at political meetings for the faith that is in me.
    I am a Republican, as the two great political parties are now divided, because the Republican Party is a national party seeking the greatest good for the greatest number of citizens. There is not a precinct in this vast nation where a Democrat cannot cast his ballot and have it counted as cast. No matter what the prominence of the opposite party, he can proclaim his political opinions, even if he is only one among a thousand, without fear and without proscription on account of his opinions. There are fourteen States, where Republicans have not this privilege. This is one reason why I am a republican.
    But I am a Republican for many other reasons. The Republican Party assures protection to life and property, the public credit, and the payment of the debts of the government, State, county, or municipality, so far as it can control. The Democratic Party does not promise to do this; if it does, it has broken its promises to the extent of hundreds of millions, as many Northern Democrats can testify to their sorrow.
    I am a Republican, as between the existing parties, because it fosters the production of the fields and farm, and of manufactories, and it encourages the general education of the poor as well as the rich.
    The Democratic Party discourages all these when in absolute power. The Republican Party is a party of progress, and of liberty toward its opponents. It encourages the poor to strive to better their children, to enable them to compete successfully with their more fortunate associates. An in fine, it secures an entire equality before the law of every citizen, no matter what his race, nationality or previous condition.
    It tolerates no privileged class. Every one has the opportunity to make himself all he is capable of.
    Ladies and gentlemen, do you believe this can be truthfully said in the greater part of the fourteen of the States of this Union today which the Democratic Party is a party of principles; the same principles prevailing wherever it has a foothold?
    The Democratic Party is united in but one thing, and that is in getting control of the government in all its branches. It is for internal improvement at the expense of the government in one section and against this in another. If favors repudiation of solemn obligations in one section and honest payments of its debts in another, where public opinion will not tolerate any other view. It favors fiat money in one place and good money in another. Finally, it favors the pooling of all issues not favored by the Republicans, to the end that it may secure the one principle upon which the party is a most harmonious unit- namely, getting control of the government in all its branches.
    I have been in some part of every State lately in rebellion within the last year. I was most hospitably received at every place where I stopped. My receptions were not by the Union class alone, but by all classes, without distinction. I had a free talk with many who were against me in war, and who have been against the Republican Party ever since. They were, in all instances, reasonable men, judging by what they said. I believed then and believe now, that they sincerely want a break up in this “Solid South” political condition. They see that it is to their pecuniary interest, as well as to their happiness, that there should be harmony and confidence between all sections.
    They want to break away from the slavery, which binds them to a party name. They want a pretext that enough of them can unite upon it make it respectable. Once started, the Solid South will go as Kukluxism did before, as is so admirably told by Judge Tourgee in his “Fool’s Errand.” When the break comes, those who start it will be astonished to find how many of their friends have been In favor of it for a long time, and have only been waiting to see some one take the lead. This desirable solution can only be attained by the defeat, and the continued defeat, of the Democratic Party as now constituted.

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  2. CrustyB

    February 4th, 2013

    The 16th Amendment is the suicide bomber of the Bill of Rights.

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  3. Racist

    February 4th, 2013

    Oh yeah, I forgot to tell y’all about the bitter-sweet vindication i got last friday!

    My wife called me friday from work because she had gotten her pay stub. She works for the pubic skool sistem, and Feb 1st was their full check with the new Obamatax being witheld. She, of course knew it was coming, but the Libtard Teachers… well let’s just say it wasn’t a pleasant surprise! She said almost all of them had that dejected, head down, “False-Hope Crappy-Change” look on their faces. But a couple of them were actually so Libtarded that they came to her office to complain that, “there must have been a mistake”! DPI must’ve screwed up their checks, because they all got a 1% raise, but their checks were smaller than they were before! Oh the pain of unintended consequences. That Damn George Boooooosh!!! This is all his fault!

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  4. Jack Daniels

    February 4th, 2013

    I’ve never before had my comment await moderation.


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  5. CrustyB

    February 4th, 2013

    @Jack Daniels
    Maybe 800+ word posts raise a flag of suspicion?

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  6. Dr Tar

    February 4th, 2013

    This is exhibit 1 in Democratic Gradualism (or the frog in boiling water routine).

    They started at 7% under Wilson and going to 94% under FDR. Kennedy finally started to scale it back to 70% and Reagan pushed it down to 11%. Now Oblowhard has it back up to 39.6% and he thinks he’s a smashing success.

    The biggest travesty of course is that no rational human being is going to pay 94% much less 39.6% of their income to the govmnt. So they instead hire tax lawyers to find every dodge and loop hole that congress has been bribed into opening (i.e. give me political contributions and I’ll see what I can do about helping you out that high tax rates).

    Its a game rigged for legal corruption both parties play and it undermines the legitimacy of government.

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  7. Khalid Al Mansour

    February 4th, 2013

    What, No Google Doodle to celebrate?

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  8. Stranded in Sonoma

    February 4th, 2013

    Don’t forget that the Republicans went along with the passage of the 16th amendment. Their reasoning was to let the democrats pass their income tax amendment in congress but they figured that the states would never allow it to pass. Once again, an instance of where the Republicans go along to get along because they completely misread what the state governments would do. The states saw the 16th amendment as a was to institute their own state income tax. We’ve all been screwed ever since.

    There is a book about the passage of the 16th amendment called The Law That Never Was. The authors show that the 16th amendment was never actually ratified. It’s difficult to go into the details, but remember that when a law is passed, every “i” must be dotted and every “t” must be crossed. There can be NO changes in the text. The authors prove that only 4 states passed the amendment. Too bad we don’t have a real president. He could tell the truth about this socialist travesty.

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  9. Billy Fuster

    February 4th, 2013

    Income tax laws are a sham. There is no legal statute that says you have to pay income tax unless you sign the income tax form claiming you are a “United States Citizen”. Once you sign you are under the jurisdiction of Washington D.C.

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  10. Tim

    February 4th, 2013

    Taxation is Theft.

    Income taxes are particularly onerous because they make slaves of us.

    Our great Republic has been swirling the bowl for 100 years and our political class is simply trying to “manage the descent” into the septic tank.

    Adam Smith claimed that a nation “has a lot of ruin in it” and this is nowhere more evidently displayed than in the United States of America.

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  11. Jack Daniels

    February 4th, 2013


    Yeah, you’re probably right…I considered shortening it, but somehow it would have lost some of its impact.

    I was amazed when I first read this how absolutely applicable it is today…133 years later!

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  12. Chetan Trivedi

    February 6th, 2013

    But as on today too much burden of tax on public needed to cover more people so revenue generate more and tax liability less

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