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Hamas plans more “enemy language” Hebrew in Gaza schools

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(Reuters) – Islamist Hamas authorities plan to expand Hebrew-language classes in the Gaza Strip’s high schools to help Palestinians know their enemy in times of conflict with Israel.

Far from a sign that peace will soon break out, Hamas’s promotion of Hebrew learning in the Israeli-blockaded Mediterranean enclave aims to make linguistic skill a useful new front in the struggle against the Jewish state.

 Hamas rejects Israel’s existence and seeks to supplant it with a Palestinian state, but says Gazans stand to gain from being able to monitor the discourse of a militarily vastly superior adversary in its own language.Hamas aired threatening video and radio messages to Israelis in Hebrew during eight days of clashes in November in which militants peppered the Jewish state with rocket salvoes before Egypt brokered a ceasefire. Hamas’s Hebrew broadcasts underlined a desire to use Hebrew as a propaganda tool in the conflict.


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  1. Chalupa

    February 3rd, 2013

    There will never be peace on earth until the muzzies stop hatin’ – and sadly that is the core of their existence.

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