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Atlas Shrugs

This is a basic tenet of national security and one of our SION platform points.

SION advocates deportation hearings against non-citizens who promote jihad in our nations.

SION calls for the cancellation of citizenship or permanent residency status for anyone who leaves the country of his residence to travel for the purpose of engaging in jihad activity, and for the refusal of reentry into his country of residence after that jihad activity.

SION calls for careful investigation of Muslims resident in a non-Muslim country who have obtained naturalized citizenship or permanent residency status, to ensure that that status was not obtained under false pretenses.

If the DHS sanctions terror, jihad and warfare against the homeland, then why do we need the DHS?

“U.S. Lets Naturalized Terrorists, Spies Keep Citizenship” January 25, 2013 The Judicial Watch Blog

An astonishing number of naturalized U.S. Citizens have been convicted of grave national security crimes—including terrorism, espionage and theft of sensitive technology—yet the government allows them to keep their American citizenship.As unfathomable as this may seem it’s simply business as usual in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the massive agency created after 9/11 to keep the nation safe. The agency rarely strips foreigners of citizenship even when they prove to be national security threats who hustle the system. In fact, DHS has no system in place to examine such cases or weed out future threats.

The alarming details of this inept operation are outlined in a scathing report (“Upholding the Value of Our Citizenship: National Security Threats Should Be Denaturalized”) published this week by an organization that researches legal and illegal immigration into the United States. DHS rarely denaturalizes individuals, even after they have committed serious national security offenses, the probe found.



  1. thirdtwin

    January 27th, 2013

    What difference, at this point, does it make?

    From the desk of Hillary:

    “I am very pleased to announce a big step forward in the Obama Administration’s support of the Iranian people.

    Under our old visa policy, Iranian students and exchange visitors were eligible for visas that lasted for only three months and could be used to enter the country just one time. As of today, that has changed. They are now eligible for two-year, multiple entry visas.

    This gives young Iranians the opportunity to return home for family events, to participate in internships, to travel outside the United States—and they won’t need to get a new visa every time.

    I’ve heard from many Iranian students and Iranian Americans that you wanted this change. So I want you to know that we are listening to your concerns. We want more dialogue and more exchange with those of you who are shaping Iran’s future. We want to be able to share with you what we think is great about America.

    Because as long as the Iranian government continues to stifle your potential, we will stand with you. We will support your aspirations, and your rights. And we will continue to look for new ways to fuel more opportunities for real change in Iran. Thank you.”


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  2. Doc

    January 27th, 2013

    I can hardly wait to see what happens to all this shit AFTER the Revolution.

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  3. jeckelmyhyde

    January 27th, 2013

    DHS only views conservatives as a threat to this great nation.

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