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Life Imitates Art

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Liberals see the world as they imagine it is, not how it actually is

by: Vince from Flopping Aces

Mobile…A challenge of art is that what the artist is trying to convey (if anything) is often up for debate. Take any three people and ask them what is the artist’s intent behind one of Alexander Calder’s mobiles and you’ll no doubt get three completely different ideas.

Such lack of clarity works well in the subjective world of art. Not so much in the not so subjective world of politics and government. It is perhaps no surprise then that the rise of modern liberalism has evolved over a similar timeline and path as modern art.

Politicians on the left no longer look to objective facts to define the world around them. Rather, they look at the world as they would like it to be and interpret it accordingly. How else could one explain the lunacy that pervades the Democrat party today?

Data clearly show that stricter gun laws lead to more crime but that is of no consequence. President Obama and the rest of the progressives who want to pass gun laws that will magically make the world a safer place… as if there were no knives, swords, cars or anything else that might ever be used as a weapon. [snip]

Then there are government schools. Could there be a more crystal clear example of government failure on the planet than public schools? Yet somehow the union backed Democrats continue to fight vouchers and school reform despite the physical and intellectual carnage government schools have wrought on American children.

Of course the most important example of the liberal failing to see exactly what is in front of them is on economics. In 2009, just as Canada was beginning to look at free markets to fix its state controlled healthcare sector Nancy Pelosi was crafting ObamaCare to strangle the American people. Over the last four years, just as Greece, Spain and Italy collapse under the weight of their social programs and confiscatory tax rates, the Obama administration has sought to expand government welfare, increase taxes on those who create wealth and further strangle the economy with regulation.

PicassoAt some point one has to wonder what exactly liberals are looking at that would cause them to make such illogical choices. It makes you think of a doctor who studies medicine with anatomy books illustrated by Picasso. Do you really want that guy operating on you?

Government is not like art. In art, the artist can paint what he wants, the way he wants. He can imbue it with hidden messages, explicit messages or no messages at all. The beauty of art is that anyone can interpret it any way they want and in doing so they don’t impact anyone else’s ability to enjoy it. With government on the other hand, the realities of life are quite different.


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  1. thelittlebrother

    January 22nd, 2013

  2. One Notch Above a Congresscritter

    January 22nd, 2013

    These scumbuckets pursue this agenda because they don’t live in the real world.
    What most don’t realize is that when their use is done they will be discarded and disposed of just like they plan for the rest of us.

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  3. grayscape

    January 22nd, 2013

    Most people grow up and realize there really isn’t a Santa Claus….but progfarts are permanently stuck in kindergarten.

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  4. Mental Illness

    January 22nd, 2013

    They believe in a magical world where everything is free.
    And unicorns

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  5. Stranded in Sonoma

    January 22nd, 2013

    Government is not reason. Government is not eloquence. It is force. And, like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.

    – George Washington

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  6. Anonymous

    January 23rd, 2013

    But George, we’ve never seen one so great as BO ! He embodies genius and eloquence, ain’t he sumthin’ ?
    Admit it, you never made the oceans rise and never told anyone they acted stupidly !

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