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SC bill would exempt state militia from federal gun rules

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Daily Caller

While a handful of states have moved to nullify President Barack Obama’s  recent executive orders on guns, a quartet of tea-party state senators in South  Carolina introduced a bill Wednesday claiming to offer pro-gun citizens a  different way around the federal rules: exempt the state’s unorganized militia  from federal gun regulations.

The unorganized militia consists of all able-bodied people over the age of 17  who are U.S. citizens residing in South Carolina and legally allowed to purchase  a firearm, according to current state law.

The governor may activate the militia in a case of “imminent danger of war,  insurrection, rebellion, invasion, tumult, riot, resistance to law or process or  breach of the peace” when the National Guard is insufficient to deal with the  unrest.

The bill, sponsored by state Sens. Tom Corbin, Tom Davis, Kevin Bryant and  Lee Bright, excludes members of the militia — essentially all state citizens who  are at least 18 years old — from any federal gun rules passed after New Year’s  Day.



  1. hanoverfist

    January 22nd, 2013

    “…The governor may activate the militia in a case of …tumult…”

    Sounds about right.

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  2. Johnny Freedom

    January 22nd, 2013

    I love this idea. As an added bonus, politicians would be less willing to piss away our freedom knowing that their entire constituency is potentially an armed insurrection waiting to be betrayed.

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  3. GW Bear

    January 22nd, 2013

    Guess I might be considering moving to South Carolina.

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  4. J Frank Parnell

    January 22nd, 2013

    Love it. You reading this Gov. Perry?

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  5. ConMom

    January 22nd, 2013

    [...] Gun Control: SC bill would exempt state militia from federal gun rules [...]

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  6. Tim

    January 22nd, 2013

    Sounds like an idea whose time has come.

    I’m gonna forward this to my governor, representative, and state senator.

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  7. jeckelmyhyde

    January 22nd, 2013

    @J Frank Parnell

    We don’t need Perry, let’s go militia

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  8. serfer62

    January 22nd, 2013

    Gee…that’s what the original “militia” was before the 2nd ammendment.

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  9. Tim

    January 22nd, 2013

    I sent it this AM.

    One’s a Demonrat, one’s doing his hair, and one’s doing his nails.

    Oy! We are so screwed!

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