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Lies, Lies, Lies

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Via Doug Ross

Watch this exchange on the floor of the NY Assembly where Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin wants to discuss rejected democrat gun ban proposals. Joe says he’s not familiar with the list so he won’t discuss it, then he urges McLaughlin not to share the list of proposals – THAT HE HASN’T SEEN- because it would be bad for democrats.

Here is that list (Via YouTube’s carver6666)

1. Confiscation of “assault weapons”
2. Confiscation of ten round clips
3. Statewide database for ALL Guns
4. Continue to allow pistol permit holder’s information to be replaced to the public
5. Label semiautomatic shotguns with more than 5 rounds or pistol grips as “assault weapons”
6. Limit the number of rounds in a magazine to 5 and confiscation and forfeiture of banned magazines
7. Limit possession to no more than two (2) magazines
8. Limit purchase of guns to one gun per person per month
9. Require re-licensing of all pistol permit owners
10. Require renewal of all pistol permits every five years
11. State issued pistol permits
12. Micro-stamping of all guns in New York State
13. Require licensing of all gun ammo dealers
14. Mandatory locking of guns at home
15. Fee for licensing, registering weapons

read the rest – http://directorblue.blogspot.com/2013/01/new-york-state-assemblyman-democrats.html



  1. grayjohn

    January 19th, 2013

    Confiscate? These morons think anyone is going to comply with that shit? Visions of pikes and gallows are dancing in my head.

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  2. Diann

    January 19th, 2013

    Give it a year, maybe 18 months. The only people that will still live in the State of New York will be the politicians, the criminals and the parasites. For brevity, I could have just said “Democrats.”

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  3. Carlos The Jackal

    January 19th, 2013

    “We’re going to make sure we’re firmly in control, because if you don’t like the shit we’re doing now, you’re really going to want to do something about what we do next.”

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  4. norman einstein

    January 19th, 2013

    I like how “Joe” was so stupid that he walked right into it.

    He didn’t want the list shared because it “has the capacity to dampen the enthusiasm to compromise”, giving McLaughlin the perfect opening to point out that “it sure does, when we talk about confiscation of assault weapons”.

    Joe, you might want to brush up on the first Rule of Holes.

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  5. Anonymous

    January 19th, 2013

    Dems and Repubs are two wings of the same bird. McLaughlin (R) was in cahoots with Joe (D)the whole time during this exchange. It is impossible to come to any other conclusion.

    If McLaughlin (R) was honest he would have said, “For the record, here are the proposals”. Then he would have read them into the record. Then he would have initiated a discussion of those items.

    Instead McLaughlin said, “Oh, if you haven’t seen it we won’t talk about it.”

    Neither one of them wanted to talk about it. Neither of them are on the side of liberty. And it shows.

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  6. shotwell

    January 19th, 2013

    I fled NY State when they banned smoking. Sure missed fishing that part of Lake Erie tho.

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  7. Stirrin the B.S.

    January 19th, 2013

    @Anon – my thoughts exactly – neither want to take a stand on a controversial issue that might endanger their higher political (aka criminal) aspirations.

    That, in a nutshell, is why our country is f*cked.

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  8. Buffalobob

    January 19th, 2013

    The political makeup of NY State changed years ago. The spread of the SUNY (State Universities) throughout upstate NY ushered in an infestation of NYC liberals.

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  9. J Frank Parnell

    January 19th, 2013

    If that isn’t tyranny, what is?

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