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Rick Perry: I Can’t Make Cuomo A Texan

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Guns On Campus


From our Texas friends at YNN Austin, Texas Gov. Rick Perry sounded off on New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s pledge to pass the strongest gun control laws in the country, saying there’s no chance he could make the Queens native a Texan and agree on gun control

Perry, whose presidential ambitions face planted this past summer, also threw in a dig at Cuomo over the Texan economy.

“I’m sure I couldn’t get all 49 other governors to admit they would want to be Texans. Just reading the front of the Drudge Report today, I’m thinking Governor Cuomo would not admit he would want to be a Texan. But if he would be truthful, he would say that the economic climate that has allowed that state to grow and create jobs, he would dearly love to be able to stand up in say ‘We did this in New York. But he can’t.”





  1. Doc

    January 14th, 2013

    Who would wanna make that sissyboy NY faggot a Texan anyway?

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  2. J Frank Parnell

    January 14th, 2013

    Sorry commies, Austin if full up. Stay in your self-made, collapsing commie hellholes. It’s too hot here for you, too many West Nile mosquitos, fire ants and gun-toting commiefag-intolerant natives like me.

    I refuse to be Texas-friendly to you disgusting insects.

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  3. thirdtwin

    January 14th, 2013

    But he might try to pick Texas’ pocket of electoral votes in 2016, Rick. Say Cuomo runs and wins the Dem primary, then picks Julian Castro as his VP.

    Hey, it could happen!

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  4. J Frank Parnell

    January 14th, 2013

    Castro’s mother HATES the Alamo and for what it represents; evil white colonialism, oppression of The Race. Well it bred of course and spawned Julian and his twin, Joaquin. Creepy commies, Red as mommy and now fast-tracking like Obamugabe.

    Pretty sure it’s a final sign of The Apocalypse if Huomo & Castro run for the Executive.

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  5. Boobie the Rocket Dog

    January 14th, 2013

    Perry was my man for the White House from the gitgo. But timing is everything and his post-op back pain did in his debate appearance.

    Sure wish we had him up there now.

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  6. Unruly Refugee

    January 14th, 2013

    Perry had my vote too. We could have had America back again.

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  7. Buck Ofama

    January 14th, 2013

    Fuck New York!

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  8. OBOZO1

    January 14th, 2013

    More like a queen from Queens

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