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This Won’t Come As Any Sort Of Surprise, But…

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Chicks On The Right

…there’s a whole bunch of abuse happening in “entitlement” programs.


But check out this recent write up from John Stossel on Section 8 Housing.  Apparently, Obama wants to give MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to renew Section 8 Housing vouchers that help poor people pay their rent. Except the problem is that Section 8 Housing is often better than housing that WORKING PEOPLE can get with their own money.

And that, you guys, is TOTAL CRAP.

The original intent behind Section 8 was to fix the problem of crime-infested public housing by moving tenants into areas where regular rent-paying people live, so that they could learn from those people how to live like responsible middle-classers.

Yeah.  FAIL. Instead, the program makes people reeeeeeeally comfortable with getting near-free housing, while their struggling neighbors who are paying their own way simply get resentful. AS THEY SHOULD.

There’s no time limit on the vouchers, and there’s no work requirement, so what incentive would anyone have to start paying for their own housing?

One Section 8 landlord said that in his 30 years of renting to Section 8 tenants, only ONE left the program.  ONE in THIRTY YEARS, you guys.  The rest?  They’re in Section 8 to stay.  And who can blame them?  Who turns down an essentially free ride?  ESPECIALLYf the ride is as nice as the one that a hardworking responsible citizen is paying for?



  1. Corky

    January 12th, 2013

    I think I read somewhere that Huckabee talked about the fact that people on welfare get approximately 40 thousand dollars a year. Who would want to work (well except those of us with a work ethic)?

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  2. Nutjob

    January 12th, 2013

    The section 8 rental programs is lucrative to realtors as well.

    Know a guy who buys repo’s, and them rents them to section 8 specifically…WHy?
    Because he could only normally get $6-800 a month rent on some of these pillboxes, on Section 8′s, he gets $1-1200 each……which lowers the working families cash equity value as well, another drawback of “so that they could learn from those people how to live like responsible middle-classers”.

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  3. mkultra

    January 12th, 2013

    There was a riot in Atlanta where they were about to award Section 8 vouchers. These parasites can’t even act graciously when they’re getting free shit thrown at em.

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  4. Tortillapete

    January 12th, 2013

    F*ck so-called poor people…

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  5. Mr.Gates

    January 12th, 2013

    And who doesn’t need more crappy neighbors? After all, they bring their criminal element friends into the neighborhood with them.

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  6. Carlos The Jackal

    January 12th, 2013

    No worries Fur, section 8 housing isn’t so nice anymore once the freeloaders have lived in them for a while…

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  7. Edith McCrotch

    January 12th, 2013

    Oh don’t get me started about Section 8.

    As a former apartment maintenance man I so hated S-8.

    Their work orders ALWAYS overode real paying dwellers, AND the kicked in walls and the purposely damages were to be repaired BEFORE the S-8 yearly inspector showed up.

    Those damages were paid by the increase of rent of the real paying renters. (Not by the property management’s profit.)

    Eventually the real working people (and skilled maintenance men) would move out because of the lack of attention that they were recieving and high rental rates from the property management, only to have the management increase the S-8 scum to get that guaranteed income.

    From then on, if I ever applied for a position at any property, I would call and ask if they accepted S-8 before I would be wasting my time and gas.

    I give that advice to young people thinking about renting.

    I also ask about the plumbing…copper,cvpc,pex, or polybutylene?

    If they say polybutylene…hang up or walk away.

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  8. Snoodles

    January 12th, 2013

    Parasites living la dolce vita.

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  9. 88 Savant

    January 12th, 2013

    Section 8. The quickest way to piss off the neighbors, devalue property and wreck the hood.

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  10. Three Rivers

    January 13th, 2013

    What you Got To Have is a good whack in the head

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  11. Geoff C. The Saltine

    January 13th, 2013

    MR hat you should replay the video the illustr8r did about one year ago, the one where they were driving through gov. housing.

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  12. 99th Squad Leader

    January 13th, 2013

    Senator Obaloney and Mayor Daley put together some kind of state operated fed program in the 90′s,(some parts of it included section 8) that transplanted former Chicago project dwellers to small towns and cities, downstate Illinois.
    My hometown and surrounding townships are now infested with baby mommas and gangs of Cabrini-Green. The local police are ineffective and crime is through the roof.
    My little hometown was very rural and quiet before the curse of Obama came along.

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  13. Boobie the Rocket Dog

    January 13th, 2013

    Chicks on the Right– Thanks.

    Reminds me, we haven’t heard from Sunny for a while.

    She OK?

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  14. upsguy

    January 13th, 2013

    Last Christmas, I’m delivering a flat screen to section 8, noticing the same make and model TV that’s in my family room is on this guy’s patio — apparently living better than me. Nice new cars in the parking lots, high speed internet, new phones, the list goes on. I deliver there around 11 in the morning and play a little game with myself — see how many people are still in their pajamas when they answer the door… we’re running about 80%.

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  15. TXLadyPatriot

    January 14th, 2013

    I was on Section 8 from 1999 until 2002 – when I was financially successful enough with my job to get off of it permanently. To be honest, it was tempting to take advantage of the system, but I had a lot of encouragement from my loved ones and even my HUD caseworker to keep it going in the right direction. And I was so glad to be rid of that monkey on my back!! Plus, I found a nicer place closer to my employer-an upstairs garage apt above my mother-in-law’s house. HA!! Then I got married and my husband & I own our first house.

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