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EBT Abuse: The Cash-for-Drunkards Program

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Michelle Malkin

From New York to New Mexico and across the dependent plains, welfare recipients are getting sauced on the public dime. Drunk, besotted, bombed. But while politicians pay lip service to cutting government waste, fraud and abuse, they’re doing very little in practice to stop the EBT party excesses. Where’s the compassion for taxpayers?

You see the signs everywhere: “We accept EBT.” Fast-food restaurants do. Clothing retailers do. Auto repair shops, liquor stores and even sushi joints are joining the club. “EBT” stands for the federal government’s electronic benefits transfer card, which is intended to provide poor people with food stamps and cash assistance for basic necessities. The two separate programs were combined into one ATM-like card designed to reduce the “stigma” attached to Nanny State dependency, and — voila! — an entirely new method of mooching was born.

If the idea was to eliminate the embarrassment of life on the dole, the social justice crowd succeeded phenomenally. Last weekend, the New York Postblew the lid off scammers who brazenly swiped their EBT cards “inside Hank’s Saloon in Brooklyn; the Blue Door Video porn shop in the East Village; The Anchor, a sleek SoHo lounge; the Patriot Saloon in TriBeCa; and Drinks Galore, a liquor distributor in The Bronx.” Out: Cash for clunkers. In: Cash for drunkards!

My home state of Colorado has seen similar abuse. Last year, local TV station 9NEWS reported that more than $40,000 was withdrawn from ATMs in metro-area liquor stores despite prohibitions against such spending. Colorado EBT users also splurged at Denver’s Elitch Gardens amusement park, Disneyland, Universal Studios in Los Angeles and on the Las Vegas strip.



  1. One Notch Above a Congresscritter

    January 11th, 2013

    Only people embarrassed by Government assistance were the ones who really needed and deserved it.

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  2. Unruly Refugee

    January 11th, 2013

    How many take the bus to the welfare office?
    How many drive the Cadillac? I’ve seen the parking lot.

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  3. Edith McCrotch

    January 11th, 2013

    So we’re asking the people who created the problem to solve it?

    Let me gaze into my crystal ball….

    I see future gub’mint hired foxes sitting at all grocery store check-outs, liquor stores, strip joints, etc. , now there’s a fix in the making.

    I’m gonna screen save this and save this page for future told’ya’s.

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