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Eric Bolling Releases Gawker Owner’s Phone Number

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The Gawker posted ‘Here Is a List of All the A**holes Who Own Guns in New York City’.

Fox ‘The Five’ co-host Eric Bolling said: “Gawker called people crazy a-holes who own guns legally in New York City. We thought we’d point out who runs Gawker, the founder of Gawker, Nick Denton.”


  1. Stirrin the B.S.

    January 10th, 2013

    Can we get his phone number to call him up and tell him what an a**hole he is? Is there a link?

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  2. Team America

    January 10th, 2013

    @Stirrin – the Five listed the phone # (I hear it’s only a tip line but not sure) and his email address. They should post piers morgans personal info, too.

    OT – again, sorry. BFH, I went to continue reading and went back two days (thank you), when I hit the home button, it kept bringing me back to the same page on Jan. 8th…it wouldn’t bring me to this main home page like it used to. I know it’s good for your ratings for you when we keep logging in but…Not sure if it’s just me.

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  3. gummint cheese

    January 10th, 2013

    All of us here know for a fact that all LibTards are extreme hypocrites.

    An example is the black so-called journalist at the Washington Post who for years has railed against guns and advocated gun control. Yet he himslef became a subject of news scrutiny when he was arrested for shooting a burglar in his DC home. With a handgun that was illegal in DC!

    My point is, that if Nick Denton’s crib were thoroughly searched I guarantee that it would contain at least one firearm.

    Liberals are loathsome despicable hypocrites – “its rules for thee but not for me”

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  4. J Frank Parnell

    January 10th, 2013

    This is how you FIGHT back.

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