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This is the progtard version of masturbation.

Granite Glok -

Last Wednesday, the new leadership in Concord saw fit to forgo the Committee on Redress of Grievances. And they did. 

Enter State Senator Martha Fuller-Clark. She found a “petition of Redress” from twenty black slaves in Portsmouth dating back to 1779.

According to the Concord “Fishwrapper” Monitor, “On Nov. 12, 1779, 20 black slaves in Portsmouth sent a petition to New Hampshire’s General Assembly. Amid the rhetoric and battles of the Revolutionary War, they asked lawmakers to free them and make sure “that the Name of Slave may not more be heard in a Land gloriously contending for the Sweets of Freedom.””


Check out Fuller’s scarf



  1. mickey_moussaoui

    January 6th, 2013

    Just another liberal out of touch with reality. Would someone just invent a liberal TV show for them to compete on and we can give them a meaningless trophy declaring what wonderful people they are along with a week supply of organic radishes or something?

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  2. jclady

    January 6th, 2013

    Nero, Pharaoh, Prince and 17 others signed the petition?!?!

    So there was fiddling while folks walked like an Egyptian as purple rain was falling? (Sorry, couldn’t help myself).

    As for the scarf, reminds me of the USF (FSU) fan — can’t read it without looking in a mirror!


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  3. KF

    January 6th, 2013

    Just like Zero himself, all show and no substance whatsoever.

    Didn’t she used to do commercials for Old Navy?

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  4. Jethro

    January 6th, 2013

    She is wearing Harry Potter glasses. What an idiot!

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  5. Tony R

    January 6th, 2013

    Forget the scarf; why do the prog women feel it necessary to accentuate their extraordinary unattractiveness by wearing those stupid glasses???

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  6. CrustyB

    January 6th, 2013

    Slavery is when you force someone to work without compensation. Like when you’re forced to work to earn tax money that goes to raise the kids of ghetto rats and border cockroaches who like to fuck.

    Obama = slavery.

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  7. grayscape

    January 6th, 2013

    How many of the 20 slaves did this progfarts grandpappy own?

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  8. Nutjob

    January 6th, 2013

    Just another creepey hate filled mandyke looking nobody progressive wanting in on the 5 minutes of fame game.

    So shes seeking fame from something someone else wrote?
    and all this time I thought they wanted to be slaves, wow this tard is a real historian, and I’ll bet if they had tape recordings back then you’d also hear them talking about killing your cracker ass to escape……so tell us something new…..better yet heres your ribbon..now go away forever.

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  9. Mary Jane Anklestraps

    January 7th, 2013

    I found Waldo!

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  10. Annie

    January 7th, 2013

    The jacket and her scarf is making me dizzy.

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  11. Mz BallBreaker

    January 7th, 2013

    Maybe this Lizzie is a graduate of the Wookie’s “School of Ethereal Beauty—NOT”.

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  12. Rick Olson

    January 7th, 2013


    Hey! Thanks for the link to my rant! Martha Fulla-Crap is a time-honored favorite target of mine…And when the libs get in power here in Concord, “its a real side show.” Oh well, at least MFC had a good shave prior to her picture being taken… RHO

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