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The Green Green Graft of Home

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Dustin Stockton -

“Green” Graft: After Receiving “Green Energy” Stimulus Money, Tesla CEO Buys $17 Million Mansion

Green graft

One of the notable characteristics of the Soviet Union before it fell was the increasingly-noticeable divergence of laws and policies that affected “connected” people versus the lowly, regular Soviet citizens. Before its predictable collapse, high-ranking Party members and their friends enjoyed perks that reached far beyond the masses were afforded.

As America dives deeper and deeper into leftist policies, we citizens are bearing witness to more and more Soviet-style corruption that benefits those with friends in high places.

Of course, Americans have heard about Solyndra’s $535 million long-con and the plethora of other “failed” ventures that left taxpayers holding the bag as friends of Party leaders received tidy sums and then went belly-up shortly thereafter. However, it seems the grift just keeps right on going…




  1. Billy Fuster

    January 6th, 2013

    And you fools continue to pay income tax.

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