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Governor Palin Calls out President Obama’s Absurd Comparison to President Lincoln

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Conservatives 4 Palin

On Monday, during a stop on his supposedly non-campaign bus tour of the Midwest, President Obama made an absurd claim regarding the treatment he received from his political opponents (emphasis added):

“When you listen to what the Federalists said about the Anti-Federalists, and the names that Jefferson called Hamilton and back and forth — I mean those guys were tough,” Obama said. “Lincoln — they used to talk about him almost as bad as they talk about me. So democracy has never been for the faint of heart.”

Interestingly, Governor Palin had visited the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum as part of her “One Nation” bus tour  just the day before President Obama made this absurd claim, and she has tweeted the following response:

Obama:”Lincoln-they talked about him almost as bad as they talk about me” Mr. Pres- tour Lincoln Museum anti-Abe display;try repeating claim

Governor Palin was likely referencing an exhibit in the museum called “The Whispering Gallery”. The museum’s website describes this exhibit:

The Whispering Gallery is a twisted, nightmarish hallway where you will hear brutally unkind things said about Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln during their early months in Washington. On the walls are cruel caricatures and barbed political cartoons that attack the Lincolns.

The charges made by opponents and grotesque caricatures of President Lincoln drawn by political cartoonists during this politically heated time in our nation’s history, as displayed at this museum, would make the political rhetoric of today  pale in comparison. The museum curators and planners have made this section of the museum very dim, and the lighting eerily illuminates the reproduced newspaper headlines and cartoons coupled with chilling audio give  museum visitors a multi-sensory perspective of what President Lincoln faced.




  1. thirdtwin

    December 31st, 2012

    Well, I guess that is a step up from when he said they talked about him like a dog, although he probably avoids any canine references now.

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  2. Mr.Gates

    December 31st, 2012

    Lincoln ended involuntary servitude for his time. Obama is imposing involuntary servitude on the American people, and it’s by design.

    There were a lot of brutal unkind things said about Hitler too President Narcissist. That’s a more apt comparison. Join the club.

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  3. Diann

    December 31st, 2012

    There he goes again, commenting on how democracy is not for the faint of heart. Problem is, we are not a democracy. And I wish somebody would call out this alleged Constitutional Law Lecturer about the fact that WE ARE NOT A DEMOCRACY. We are a Federal Republic. We are not a democracy. We never have been a democracy. A democracy = majority rule. That is not the United States of America. Which is exactly why your saying, “The majority of Americans agree with me” means about as much as a fart in a windstorm.

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  4. Dano

    December 31st, 2012

    No President in History has had the collective media as a personal political machine, than Barack Hussein Obama! Lincoln FREED the slaves! Obama has ENSLAVED the uninformed with free cell phones! He is a DISGRACE to the Presidency… Watch your backs!

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  5. CrustyB

    December 31st, 2012

    Obama’s dick is never dry from all the blowjobs he gets from the press and his worshipers but he thinks he’s the most exquisite presidential martyr since Lincoln? Wake up and smell what you’re shoveling, son.

    BTW that Abe Lincoln museum Sarah visited is one of the best museums I’ve ever seen. And she’s right about the “Whispering Gallery.” People even treated Mary Todd like shit and she wasn’t an anti-American, abortion-promoting, patient-dumping animal like Michelle Obama.

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  6. F.D.R. in Hell

    December 31st, 2012

    Looking into the Future, I see a Barack Hussein Obama Presidential Library and Museum.

    Oh, wait. No, that’s the Holocaust Museum in Skokie. My mistake. Never mind.


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  7. Stirrin the B.S.

    December 31st, 2012

    “President” Oblowme, you are so insulated by the race card purveyors that your comparison is as different as night and day (that would be a non-racist black and white visual fyi).

    Your thin skin would NEVER have survived the vitriol that was spewed toward Lincoln. Lincoln acted for the greater good of our country, you just act for the greater good of yourself and your marxist handlers.

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  8. Chris from Canada

    December 31st, 2012

    If Obama thinks people speak about him in a nasty way, he should compar his experience with what George Bush faced. I cannot recall a President who was so disparaged by the mediaas GWB. Hitler was one of the nicer things said about him.

    And here’s Obama complaining about being called what? A Marxist, a Socialist, a Narcissist?

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  9. Jerry Manderin

    December 31st, 2012

    I said the EXACT SAME THING in that headline about the Lincoln/Obama comparisons being “ABSURD” to my parents as we walked out of the movie theater after seeing “Lincoln.”

    “Jerry Manderin, I served with Cardigan. I knew Cardigan. Cardigan was a friend of mine. Jerry Manderin, you’re no Cardigan.”

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  10. Lowell

    December 31st, 2012

    I just want to kiss Sarah on the curve of her jaw. So sue me. I’m old, moribund, and don’t get out much.

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  11. BILL

    December 31st, 2012

    if only sarah was potus.

    what a babe!

    ppffffftttt!!! obama pawned by “stupid” ole sarah once again.

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  12. Jack Daniels

    December 31st, 2012

    I hate seeing stories about Sarah…not because I dislike her.

    Not at all…it’s just that it infuriates me seeing how everyone is so dismayed, depressed and frustrated at the recent Nov election outcome.

    It COULD have been prevented.

    If people would have just had the balls to stand behind her, support her as a unified force, given her a chance instead of being told over and over how inexperienced she was, how unprepared she was for this election in terms of holding the highest office in the land…blah blah blah ad nauseam…and being told to stop our wishful thinking and get behind a candidate that could have won…good ole romney…

    Then I would have gotten my president, we would have seen positive change, we would have been on the road to recovery….we ….


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  13. Loretta in Indiana

    December 31st, 2012

    Jack Daniels — dittos on your thoughts… Oh, what MIGHT have been.

    Obumbles touted himself as the Hopey/Changey guy… but what he brings is a tsunami of Hopelessness. I keep thinking that we must act like monks, faced with the looming Dark Ages. If we have a corner of Western Civilization that we wish to protect and preserve, then we must do it, with whatever strength of purpose left to us.

    50 Shades of Grey — everything is grey under Socialism, whether it be the monolithic government buildings, to the clothing of the citizenry (think Mao’s peasantry) to the uniformity of people’s minds.

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  14. Rick

    December 31st, 2012

    “Well, I guess that is a step up from when he said they talked about him like a dog,…”

    No… they said “you LIKED dog.”

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  15. Unruly Refugee

    December 31st, 2012

    That boy is just upset that the entire nation is not using the “N” word every time they complain about his evil agenda. His plan to mark everybody on the right as racists has failed. All the real racists are on his side, he is the king of all racists, the racist in chief of the now-divided states of amerikkka.

    0bama — go to hell !

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