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Muslim doc whose Nebraska clinic infected patients, killing some, blames Islamophobia, seeks N.Y. license

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Creeping Sharia

Dr. Tahir Ali Javed

via Doc whose Fremont clinic infected patients with hepatitis seeks N.Y. license to practice – LivewellNebraska.com. h/t Jihad Watch

Dr. Tahir Ali Javed, whose Fremont cancer clinic infected dozens of patients with hepatitis a little more than a decade ago, has applied for reinstatement of his medical license in New York.

Javed, 47, fled to his native Pakistan 10 years ago, when the severity of the hepatitis outbreak became known. His medical license in Nebraska was revoked. He surrendered his New York license.

In Pakistan, Javed became a public health official and reportedly blamed the situation in Nebraska on anti-Muslim sentiment.

Unsanitary practices in the Fremont clinic led to hepatitis C infections in at least 99 patients, several of whom died.

A Fremont-based group called the HONOReform Foundation grew out of the tragedy. It promotes sanitary practices in health care settings. The “One and Only” campaign that it advocates seeks to educate nurses, doctors and others of the importance of using syringes and needles only once.

Javed could not be reached for comment. His Omaha attorney, Michael D. Jones, said he hadn’t had contact with Javed in years.

Antonia Valentine of the New York State Education Department, which rules on restoration of medical licenses, confirmed that Javed has applied for reinstatement.

Valentine said in an email that the application will be investigated and referred to two committees before the New York Board of Regents rules on it. It’s unclear when the ruling will be issued. Valentine declined to provide further information.

Steve Langan, executive director of HONOReform, said, “Sick people were injured, some of them died, and no justice has been done.”




  1. Claudia

    December 30th, 2012

    Why does that picture make me want to punch the smug right off his face?

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  2. Unneutral

    December 30th, 2012

    Maybe he can be Obama’s personal physician.

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  3. even steven

    December 30th, 2012

    Dr. Mengele, call on line one. Paging Dr. Mengele…

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  4. thirdtwin

    December 30th, 2012

    Thank God the US is not infested with Muslim quacks like Britain is. They already have medieval sanitary conditions due to socialist rationing, and on top of that,they have 7th century Muslim witch doctors who forbid nurses to scrub to the elbow, lest a female forearm be exposed to view.

    But do not fear for the health of Piers, should he decide to repatriate. The elites still have their private health care system and can exempt themselves from the risks that the serfs must run.

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  5. Snowball the Sourpuss

    December 30th, 2012

    Islamophobia. Even the viruses have it.

    Maybe some freakin imam can put a fatwa out on hepatitis.

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  6. Death_By_Farts

    December 30th, 2012

    They can have him…He’ll be right at home in NYC

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  7. Tim

    December 30th, 2012

    I will definitely think he should get his licenses in NYC and Chicago … oh, yeah, Boston, too!

    And Detroit, St. Louis, LA, Lansing, Minneapolis, …

    Hell, just make him physician to Congress and the President.

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  8. 99th Squad Leader

    December 30th, 2012

    Good one even stephen. I was thinking the same thing.
    A devout Muslim physician does not have to adhere to the Hippocratic oath, because taqiyya can be applied.

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  9. cfm990

    December 30th, 2012

    R E S P E C T Obama demands, that from me.
    R E S P E C T Next group will get HIV.
    Sock It To Us
    Sock It To Us

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  10. Moe Tom

    December 30th, 2012

    There is an opening for a medical doctor, general practioner, at the Journal News clinic/nurses station in White Plains, new York. An equal opportunity employer. It may be true; it may not be true, but that’s what I heard.

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  11. Moe Tom

    December 30th, 2012


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  12. Maudie N Mandeville

    December 30th, 2012

    Yes, according to Chris Matthews, et al, anti-Muslim sentiment means requiring ‘sanitary practices in health care settings’.

    Hopefully, New York will allow his reinstatement. It’s only fair and just.

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  13. Brown Eyed Girl

    December 30th, 2012

    They’re trying an identical case in Las Vegas, where several people also died of Hepatisis C from unsatitary medical practices. I don’t know about you all, but this sounds like terrorism to me.

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  14. Brown Eyed Girl

    December 30th, 2012

    * unsanitary *

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  15. really enraged

    December 30th, 2012

    Funny how smug, incompetent or murderous goat humping “medical” practitioners can bring the latent “raaaaacist” out of me.

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  16. 4 Blood Moons

    December 30th, 2012

    You would have to be a fucking idiot to go to a Muslim doctor if you are not a Muslim. And if you are Muslim, well, I rest my case.

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