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New York Tells Rapists, Thieves and Murderers Which Homes to Target

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If you live in New York’s Westchester and Rockland counties, The Journal News gave rapists, thieves and murderers the best Christmas present they could ever hope for… a roadmap of the homes they should avoid and those which they can target without fear.

The Journal News decided to aid and abet criminals by publishing the names and addresses of hundreds of law abiding citizens who have a legal permit for a gun.

A criminal’s worst nightmare is being confronted by a would-be victim who has the means to protect themselves and their family. The criminal’s intention is to commit their crime and get away with it. Clear-thinking people know this.

Think of all the homes you’ve seen with a “Beware of Dog” sign. Property owners post a sign like this to deter criminals by letting them know of the violent force they’ll encounter should they attempt to enter the property. Home security systems are another method of protection used by millions of families to deter criminals.


Thanks to The Journal News, criminals now know the addresses of those who may confront them with a gun. But most importantly, the published list lets them know the homes where they will NOT be confronted with a gun, thereby further increasing the chance of their success in committing the intended crime.

An attack dog, security system or gun owner presents more resistance and, until now, criminals could only hope their victims didn’t have a gun.

However, in Westchester and Rockland counties, criminals now know which homes present the least resistance.

Just as mass murderers choose “Gun Free Zones,” criminals who seek to rape, steal, murder, kidnap, etc. choose people and places they believe will present the least resistance. The Journal News gave criminals a big assist.

It’s time to inform the media and politicians that criminals commit crimes – duh! They break the law and that’s why they’re called criminals. A crime is an act or the commission of an act that is forbidden by a public law.



  1. Machloja

    December 26th, 2012

    What a bunch of libtard morons.
    I would be first to voluntarily subscribe to “arm and lock” list to be published by antigun commies.

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  2. Noodengr

    December 26th, 2012

    I know a family with the last name of Smith, they got a dog and named it Wesson. They say that their home is proctected by Smith & Wesson.
    I am pretty sure they have the real Smith & Wessons there too.
    The Monday after Newtown, I stopped by the local Gander Mountian. Their gun dept was over run.
    I have one gun and thinking of adding to it.
    Before it is too late.

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  3. Stirrin the B.S.

    December 26th, 2012

    Get a second amendment attorney to organize a class action law suit against The Journal News, on behalf of the the non-firearm owners that have been put at undue risk with the by publication of this information.

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  4. Stirrin the B.S.

    December 26th, 2012

    “..undue risk with the by publication of this information…”

    Wow, dsylxeai kicking in again.

    Try: undue risk by the publication of this information.

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  5. Unruly Refugee

    December 26th, 2012

    Some twit tried the same crap in Arkansas a few years back, published a list of conceal carry permit holders. It was determined quickly that law enforcement are the only people who are legally permitted to view that information.

    In most of the South you can find the names of gun owners listed in a book that you can find in most households. It’s called the phone book.

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  6. Tim

    December 26th, 2012

    The non-gun owners should be required to put up “Gun Free Zone” signs and photographs of their children around their property.

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  7. simply enraged

    December 26th, 2012

    My guess is that “The Journal News” idiots were hoping to gin up enough fear and loathing among their decorticate readers to call for confiscation of all legal citizen firearms. After, that would be “fair” in today’s terms, wouldn’t it? Why should one group be allowed to take steps to protect themselves when others haven’t?

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  8. Blink

    December 26th, 2012

    It would be right fun to see this map updated one year from now. Superimposed with the homes where crimes occurred and with the homes that were added to the list of residents with legal firearms

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  9. Anonymous

    December 26th, 2012

    Molon Labe

    It’s coming. (Unlike that Mayan BS)

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  10. MNHawk

    December 26th, 2012

    Reporter on the story:

    Dwight R Worley
    23006 139 Ave
    Springfield Gardens, NY 11413

    Journal News President:

    —Janet Hasson, 3 Gate House Lane Mamaroneck, NY 10534 (914) 694.5204


    —Cyndee Royle, 1133 Westchester Ave., Suite N110, White Plains, NY 10604, 914-694-9300

    –Nancy Cutler 9 Woodwind Ln, Spring Valley, NY. (845) 354 3485

    Just reportin’

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