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What Millions Want For Christmas: A Job

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If you have a job be thankful. Be especially thankful if you have a job you really like. Stories like the one following show what many people want for Christmas is a job, perhaps any job.

Bloomberg reports Delta Air Gets 22,000 Applications for 300 Attendant Jobs

Delta Air Lines Inc. (DAL), the world’s second-largest carrier, received 22,000 applications for about 300 flight attendant jobs in the first week after posting the positions outside the company.

The applications arrived at a rate of two per minute, Chief Executive Officer Richard Anderson told workers in a weekly recorded message. Applicants will be interviewed in January and those hired will begin flying in June, for the peak travel season.

“We’re hunting for foreign-language speakers as we continue to expand to all points around the globe,” Anderson said. “We are experiencing a phenomenal response to the job posting.”

Delta’s applicant rush reflects the demand for jobs amid a 7.9 percent U.S. unemployment rate and the interest in an industry where flight privileges are a prized employee benefit. The Atlanta-based carrier received 100,000 applications for 1,000 jobs when it last hired flight attendants in October 2010.

While Anderson put the number of positions in the latest round of hiring at about 300, Betsy Talton, a spokeswoman, said it could reach 400. As many as 30 percent will speak languages including Japanese, Hindi, Mandarin and Portuguese, she said.



  1. Jack Daniels

    December 25th, 2012

    Though I lost my job in Nov, it was not due to the economy or having a anti-business communist at the helm, like my brothers and sisters in the US.

    Nonetheless, imagine if you will, that it required that I (not my family) move to Japan for a couple years to escape the extreme socialism in this province, in order to be able to return to Alberta.

    Yes it’s that bad here!!! Not even California has anything on us when it comes to the social and economic liberal/socialist policies!

    I truly feel for you guys!!

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  2. Death_By_Farts

    December 25th, 2012

    No they don’t…As clearly represented in the recent election…

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  3. fullcirclethinker

    December 25th, 2012


    “What Millions More Want: Government Handouts”

    As one citizen said, echoing all who voted to tax the rich: “Why shouldn’t I get what they got? It’s only fair!”

    Film at eleven…

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  4. Tim

    December 25th, 2012

    You can’t just pack up yer stuff and move to Alberta? Or the gov’t requires you to go to Japan before you move to Alberta?

    I don’t understand.

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  5. Jack Daniels

    December 26th, 2012


    It’s convoluted.

    The primary reason is taxes and the fact that I am married, thus when we do our tax return we are taxed as a global household income, not separately, we cannot file independently by law. I also own a house here, so in order to break free from the taxes, I can’t be a residence of this province.

    Since we moved here 15 years ago, the province has been driving us to bankruptcy…all because of taxes; property, school and revenue…I was paying 46.6% at source, and that is on a paltry 55k a year!!

    The only way that will work is if I leave the country, my family stays here. If I move to Alberta to get back on our feet, the family must stay here, as we can’t afford to pay a mortgage and a rental in Alberta right now, but if I go, make money by living in a rig camp, I will still be taxed as a quebec resident because we are married, and my wife is still a resident and have property, unless we file as legally separated or divorced, which we are not willing to do.

    I am NOT about to pay more than 58% of my salary to this f*#@ing province while I am not even living here!!

    By going to japan, I am exempt from provincial/federal taxes, and pay only 5% taxes.

    So, it was decided I will go to Japan, make money and buy property in Alberta, when we are ready, I will move the family to Alberta, thus cutting all ties to this place…permanently!

    I will still be able to maintain my home and rent it out, and not be taxed for revenue because we will no longer be a residence, providing we charge the tenants only enough to cover the mortgage, taxes, insurance, property management fees and 15% maintenance cost. Above that it will be deemed as income and we will pay through the nose!!

    This it the reason in a nutshell, but trust me, it is a lot more complicated that this!!

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  6. Tim

    December 26th, 2012

    Good luck and God Bless.

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