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It’s an Obama World… 712,000 Americans Fell Into Poverty Last Year

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Gateway Pundit

It’s an Obama world.


The liberal media forgot to tell you just how bad things are under Barack Obama.
712,000 Americans fell into poverty in 2011, thanks to Barack Obama and Democrats.
And, thanks to the media, you didn’t hear about it until now.
Investor’s Business Daily reported:

Economy: “The economy’s getting stronger … confidence is growing.” The media and Obama repeated these like a mantra. But as IBD reported earlier, real weekly earnings for American workers have fallen 3.5% since Obama took over, a declining trend that has continued post-election.

How about other signs of well-being? The Census Bureau reported after the election that the number of Americans in poverty grew by 712,000 people in 2011. A far-more bullish report issued in September said it had fallen by 96,000. Oh yes, and a record 47 million people today are on food stamps — up 47% since Obama took over…

…Yes, unemployment has dropped to 7.7%. But only because hundreds of thousands of Americans have left the workforce. In September and October, nonpayroll farm jobs were reported as rising 148,000 and 171,000, respectively, solid gains. The mainstream media played it up as a major turnaround for the economy, giving Obama a boost.

In early December, a new government jobs report highlighted that job growth was a 146,000 in November, less than the 151,000 average since the start of the year. And it revised September and October job growth down by 49,000.

Yes, the total number of people with private-sector jobs has grown by 2 million over the last year, as the White House proudly trumpets — and did on the campaign trail. But what never gets reported is that 2.4 million people have left the workforce entirely over the same stretch — so there is no net real job growth




  1. Diann

    December 25th, 2012

    The real story isn’t that more people are falling into poverty, but that poverty is rising up to meet them. The way “poverty” is determined has changed. People who are considered below the poverty rate today would not have been below the poverty rate five or ten years ago. How else do you manage to overload the food stamp system? You have to loosen your definition of those in need in order to overload and thereby collapse the system.

    Or am I again, just Cassandra howling prophesies?

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  2. old_oaks

    December 25th, 2012

    I find it interesting that just a few years ago our household bought the federal government the equivalent of a brand new luxury SUV, every year.

    More recently, we’ve only been filling the gas tanks on those SUVs once a year.

    Considering age data combined with TIN, you’d think this would throw off a red flag somewhere and it probably did. But knowing my government, it’s probably spying on me rather than simply ask me what’s up.

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  3. AQT214

    December 25th, 2012

    Gas was $2.50/gal when Obama came in, and it’s been about $4.00/gal ever since. Using an avg of $3.50/gal over the past 4 yrs, the increased cost means I have $832 less to spend every year just to fuel my vehicle. This is to say nothing of the increased costs for food, energy, higher taxes and so on.

    My annual “raise” has been 1.9% each year, thanks to a company made timid by the threat of increased costs, and so due to cost of living increases, I am bringing home less money today than I was when I started 5 yrs ago.

    I cannot find another job as manufacturing jobs here are becoming extinct and employers are wary of taking new employees anyway, given the coming Obamacare taxes.

    Sam “DUI” Donaldson says this is (Progressive’s) country. Well, I will remind them that they own what’s coming, and may generations after curse them for what they’ve done.

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  4. Goldenfoxx

    December 25th, 2012

    I wonder how many of them 712,000 poverty stricken people voted for Obama? How many of them are on the public teat? How many are in states where there’s more takers than producers? Simple economics 101 here – can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip and Obama owns this. No big deal to anyone who is getting a government check, they think they are rich with a nickel in their pocket.

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  5. Racist

    December 25th, 2012

    Old Oaks, it ain’t just your household my friend. That’s a pretty fair analogy of what has happened in my house and a WHOLE lot of others too. There was a time when I honestly believed I was well on my way to “Success” as defined by my terms and goals, and it was not nearly as long ago as it feels like it was. In fact, when the “Housing-Bubble” first “popped” in 2008 and people had just started panicking and trying to get rid of their overpriced homes or trying to “add some value” to them, my business picked up and I had to hire another whole crew! But then as reality started setting in people just wanted to get out. And then Obangi showed up and next thing you know people just couldn’t hold on to their homes anymore, me included!!! Now I’m sitting home alone in front of this damn computer because I can’t bear to be around my hateful smug Monster-in-Law as she lavishes unnecessarily expensive gifts on my wife and kids while making snide little comments aimed at kicking me in the balls for being a big fat loser who … (nevermind) Sorry, Merry Christmas!!!

    IBD reported earlier, real weekly earnings for American workers have fallen 3.5% since Obama took over, a declining trend that has continued post-election.

    Really? 3.5% ? What 3.5%compounded daily? In 2012, my “weekly earnings” have dropped that other 96.5%. I’m lucky if I can find the 3.5!

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  6. Tim

    December 25th, 2012

    Scuse me, but they didn’t ‘fall’ into poverty.

    They voted for it in 08 and begged for more of it in 12.

    “You asked for it – You got it!”

    (not the denizens of iOTW – generally speaking)

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  7. old_oaks

    December 25th, 2012

    Racist, my apologies for your situation, it is the wrong time of year for people to be mean.

    Both our professions were run out of the state. One due to regulatory issues at the federal and state level, the other from increased cost of taxation at the state/Crook County level. I’ve tried to apply my experience toward similar roles in other industries, but haven’t found the formula for doing so. It appears all employment requirements I respond to, there’s always a small percentage of the requirement nobody will give me a chance on. I’ve given up altogether, especially after trying for low skilled work and being denied because of my professional experience!

    It’s a lose, lose proposition every time I submit a resume!

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  8. Death_By_Farts

    December 25th, 2012


    They shit in their beds, now they get to lay in them.

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  9. Ten Megaton

    December 25th, 2012

    Think Obama thinks about these people while tanning his skinny ass legs in Hawaii?

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