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John Nolte, of Breitbart.com, recently took a little heat from his readers for suggesting that a nationally unknown representative, Tim Huelskamp (Kan), was ill-prepared for an appearance on Morning Joke with Joe Scarborough, and that it is that sort of performance that is bringing the conservative message down.

Readers watched the 15 minute video and thought that Nolte was making mountains out of anthills. I don’t think he is. Although Huelskamp’s performance, at first blush, doesn’t seem to be egregious, the folly is that he was unable to thoroughly smack down the lightweight thinkers, Joe, Mika and guest dunderhead Donny Deutsch. This should have been like Kramer dominating the dojo full of children. The fact that it wasn’t is the problem.

Nolte offers the solution – prep school. He points out that the rise of Fox news prompted the DNC to start tutoring their surrogates for their appearances. You’ll notice that the progressives are all on the same page and all armed with the sound bites and slogans of the day. It sounds superficial, and conservatives like to think they are smarter and above that sort of thing, but you can be smart and lose – to wit: Obama defeats Romney. (Or any progressive beating the conservative.)

Why be humble? I’m offering my services as a professor of media appearances. I do enough screaming at the Tee Vee, why not scream directly at my students?

Here are some of my tutorials, using the Huelskamp appearance as an exercise.

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  1. Claudia

    December 22nd, 2012

    Wow. Fur, why don’t you send out emails to all GOP politicians and offer your “School of STFU, You Stupid Liberal”?

    If you need any references, let me know!!

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  2. Kairn

    December 22nd, 2012

    Give up on anything worthy coming from the Breitbart camp ever again. The sun set on Andrew’s empire the second he died. The commies now have free control of everything Andrew gave his life to build.

    It has been a very sad and frustrating thing to watch happen. Almost as sad as losing Andrew himself. I think his soul has to be restless over this treachery.

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