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Ann Barnhardt Is Back

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For those of you who expressed concern for Ann, please read her posts:

Posted by Ann Barnhardt – December 20, AD 2012 9:25 PM MST

I have been on pilgrimage to Rome since last Monday, but am back now, and mightily jetlagged. Obviously I kept it quiet because it isn’t wise to advertise that one’s home will be empty for ten days, even with the security system set on a hair trigger. Also, I was totally prepared to never make it out of Denver in the first place. I figured I had 50-50 odds of being on a no-fly list. But, no worries there. I have never been so happy upon being handed a boarding pass in my life.

As things are drawing toward some sort of conclusion, I decided that I had better get after whatever “bucket list” I could assemble. I realized that my bucket list had exactly one entry and that was to see Rome and the Vatican. So, I cashed in six years worth of business credit card points, booked the flights I wanted, got into exactly the hotel I wanted and conscripted the best docent in Rome, who also just happens to be a brilliant theologian, one of the best liturgists in the world, and desperately funny and charming, and luxuriated in the whole Roman vita bella for eight days whilst consulting with St. Peter, St. Paul, St. Simon, St. Jude, St. Matthias, St. Phillip, St. James, St. Jerome, St. Agnes and thousands more. If you’re going to bayonet charge Caesar, attach yourself to and implore the assistance of the victorious. Learn from the best.

Read the rest at her site here.



  1. RosalindJ

    December 22nd, 2012

    A thousand times better than what I considered what may have happened to explain the absence.

    A painful voyage back, borne by courage and faith. Welcome, Ann.

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  2. J Frank Parnell

    December 22nd, 2012

    She just said all us guys not on Omaha Beach with her are limp-dicked blowhards. There was a biblical proof in latin translated, probably by her, into modern English.

    She is correct.

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  3. Menderman

    December 22nd, 2012

    Astoundingly beautiful picture Ann!

    are those men in the pews statues? One appears to be wearing a hat, and there is no color to either of them.

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  4. joe6pak

    December 22nd, 2012

    I was wondering where she was. I’m glad to hear she was absent on her terms instead of the many alternatives.

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  5. Kairn

    December 22nd, 2012

    This will not bring too much comfort for your weary heart, since America isn’t feeling much like home these days, but here goes:

    Welcome Home our prodigal sister ;-)
    And Merry Christmas.

    I hope you will be sharing more of your experiences and reflections of your visit to Rome and the present state of the Vatican and the Catholic Church.

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  6. Dagny

    December 22nd, 2012

    It must indeed have been very heart-breaking for her to come back to a doomed, desolate America. Had she not become a public personna, she would not have come back. She did it because she kinda make a Covenant with God and many, many lambs among us. She knows she is a sheepdog, and could not renegate on her promise to her flock.

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  7. Jethro

    December 22nd, 2012

    I believe that is St. Peter’s Basilica. I was there last summer. It is one of the most beautiful and amazing places on earth.

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