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Watchdog continues lawsuit regarding Obama’s leaks to filmmakers

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Katherine Bigalow's Iraq war movie provided excellent images she hopes to duplicate with her movie Zero Dark Thirty.

A public-interest watchdog group in a press statement announced on Wednesday that it filed a reply brief with the United States District Court for the District of Columbia seeking the identities of five Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operatives. Their identities were allegedly disclosed by the Obama Department of Defense (DOD) and the CIA to Oscar-winning film director Kathryn Bigelow and producer-screenwriter Mark Boal, who are the creators of the epic motion picture Zero Dark Thirty, the saga about the hunt for, and killing of, 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden.

The group, Judicial Watch, filed its legal brief just as news reports emerged revealing that the Inspector General made a criminal referral to the Obama Justice Department in September 2012 regarding Undersecretary Michael Vickers, who was alleged to have improperly leaked the name of at least one operative to the filmmakers.


However, the Pentagon released a statement denying any wrongdoing by Vickers:

“The Department’s Office of Security Review reviewed the transcript and concluded that it is unclassified in its entirety. It was then released publicly by the Department of Defense in May 2012. Senior special operations officers approved in advance the offer Mr. Vickers made to arrange a potential discussion with a special operations planner — someone who was not part of the Bin Laden raid team — but such a meeting never occurred. Where there are redactions in the transcript, it is for privacy reasons only, not because the redacted material is classified

“The secretary has full confidence in Mr. Vickers and believes he is doing an outstanding job. Mr. Vickers is a national security professional with a long career spanning multiple administrations, including distinguished service in Special Forces, the CIA, and at the Pentagon.”

Documents previously uncovered by Judicial Watch suggest that the Obama administration sought to have “high visibility” into bin Laden-related projects, and granted filmmakers Boal and Bigelow unusual access to agency information in preparation for their film for political reasons.

Fox News political analyst Pat Caddell, a former Democrat Party operative, said the press has “been in the tank on this in a way I’ve never seen… I am appalled right now. This White House, this President, this Vice President, this Secretary of State, all of them, are willing apparently to dishonor themselves and this country for the cheap prospect of getting reelected…willing to cover up and lie. The worst thing is the very people who are supposed to protect the American people with the truth — the leading mainstream media…they have become a threat, a fundamental threat to American democracy and the enemies of the American people… these people have no honor…coverup is too nice of a word…”



  1. Mary Jane Anklestraps

    December 22nd, 2012

    Hmm… And if there IS a riot? Then what?
    Well, 0bama will own this one, too.

    Good luck to the people suing. Even if it’s just to uncover the BS and pick some deep scabs.

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  2. Spartan

    December 22nd, 2012

    What’s worse is that he said it on FOX and I have yet to see THEM give it the needed coverage? If a former Dem operative is screaming at you that this is a big f-ing deal from people he has worked with, and all you hear are crickets? People we are screwed! It is disgusting how FOX has caved to this administrations will.

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  3. AbigailAdams

    December 22nd, 2012

    @Spartan — Respectfully, it was FOX who made the release of Jon Hammar possible, Megan Kelly and Sean Hannity are the only ones who reported in the MSM about the story and kept on reporting about it. Andrew Napolitano has reported the story about the Seals (Fox Business) as has FOX contributor, Ollie North. There’s been several interviews on Fox radio, more than Fox News, about this story in the last several weeks.

    Judicial Watch could use some money from the rest of us to keep this and other actions alive.

    Their webpage describing their various projects. See right hand side of screen to donate:


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  4. buzzarino

    December 22nd, 2012

    The Hurt Locker is 99% fiction, just like the prezzie

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  5. iris354

    December 22nd, 2012

    Contrast this case with the media feeding frenzy over l’affaire Valerie Plame, and the destruction of the reputation and career of Scooter Libby.

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    December 22nd, 2012

    Obama = slimey bastard.

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  7. Stranded in Sonoma

    December 22nd, 2012

    The libtards will just say that Booooosh! “outed” Valerie Plame and what Zero did was similar.

    Nothing to see here, moving along…

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