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West: If Obama can do a union rally in Michigan then he’s got time to help free our Marine in Mexico

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Allen West weighs in on the Benghazi report saying that he also believes Hillary Clinton has caught a case of the Benghazi Flu and that many questions need to be answered by her. He also says that he doesn’t believe that she should be running for president, especially given the death of our Ambassador on her watch.

Regarding Jon Hammar, Allen West says that if Obama can get on Air Force One and fly to Michigan to do a union rally, that he’s got time to get involved and help free our Marine.

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  1. Diann

    December 21st, 2012

    I want this man to run for President. He is unafraid. And apparently for a Republican, that is a rarity.

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  2. sig94

    December 21st, 2012

    If Jon Hammar was a gay gang banger Ole ‘Bama would have Air Farce 1 in a holding pattern over the jail.

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  3. Diann

    December 21st, 2012

    Let’s just tell Obama he’s a Muslim in Gitmo. Then he’s move heaven and earth to free him.

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  4. J Frank Parnell

    December 21st, 2012

    He could hitch a ride from the hooskow on an empty BATF truck back to the border. Surely the federal employee Zeta driver won’t mind.

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  5. Ten Megaton

    December 21st, 2012

    Oblome could do a lot of things, but he is too busy slacking off.

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  6. barackHUSSEIN fuxking obama

    December 21st, 2012


    you fellows keep the plane runnin, be right back

    lemmebe clear: even tho the marines, NOT just Hammar-ALL the marines-esp. those who killed off my barbarian brothuhs some two centuries ago, actedly STUPIDLY- ** republicans fault**

    tell you what– you let Hammar go in 2014 or 15 – we’ll FINALLY make a few considerations for our future americanos and give AMNESTY to anyone and everyone who wants it – RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW

    damn, i’m good

    that’s #MyJihad-YEAH,baybee-what’s YOURS??????

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  7. JaneLovesJesus

    December 21st, 2012

    FoxNews reporting he is being released!!!!!!!

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