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44% of Children Born to High School Grads, But No College, Are Bastards

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The new normal-

More children are now being born outside of marriage, according to a new study by the National Marriage Project and the Institute for American Values.


The report focuses on what it calls “middle-America,” the nearly 60 percent of Americans who complete high school but not college.

Among that group, 44 percent of children are now born outside of marriage. That’s up from 13 percent in the 1980s.

“Marriage in middle America is at a tipping point, with unwed childbearing threatening to become a new norm,” study co-author Brad Wilcox said.

Research shows children born or raised outside of marriage are more likely to suffer from a range of social and emotional problems.


ht/ Reddit’s Constitutionalist


  1. Anonymous

    December 19th, 2012

    Well duh.

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  2. jeckelmyhyde

    December 19th, 2012

    All that sex education in schools is needed to ensure the welfare state.

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  3. ChiefIlliniCake

    December 19th, 2012

    There’s nothing normal about The New Normal.

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  4. AbigailAdams

    December 19th, 2012

    I have (had) an incurious though well-educated, progtard friend, a man in his 60′s, who truly believes that teenagers have babies so that they will have “someone to love them” (the teens) and that’s a good thing. I’ve tried to explain to him that it’s supposed to be the other way ’round. He cannot seem to understand that if a teenager needs to have a baby in order for *someone* to love them, then they’ve obviously made a huge, second mistake in their quest for feeling loved. He doesn’t get it. And where, I ask him, does the baby get all their love needs met? For Progs it’s all about emotions. He’s a textbook example of “it’s for the cheeldren.”

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  5. Unruly Refugee

    December 19th, 2012

    Only one-third of teenage mothers complete high school and receive their diplomas.

    By age 30, only 1.5 percent of women who had pregnancies as a teenager have a college degree.

    80 percent of unmarried teen mothers end up on welfare.


    I was checking to see if Arkansas was still #1 in teen pregnancies, dropped to #10 now and Nevada takes the lead in that category.

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  6. Xavier

    December 19th, 2012

    You can read the source material (pdf) at this link. Guess which group had 72% unwed births?


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  7. MM

    December 19th, 2012

    Send a congrat to the NEA-Mission Accomplished

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  8. Maudie N Mandeville

    December 19th, 2012

    Xavier: Is this a trick question?

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  9. jaqwahad nackbar

    December 19th, 2012

    #MyJihad – knocking up all the allahdamn WHITE girls i can and making sure they are all fatherless brown muzzies and NOT christians AND making all the idiots in america new caliphistan pay for it and them and OBTW, they’re ALL gonna be Soldiers of Allah

    THAT’S MY Jihad–what’s yous????




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  10. Maudie N Mandeville

    December 19th, 2012

    President Obama’s embrace of fecal marriage and black Americans adulation of him may be related to both groups (homosexuals and blacks) inordinate amount of sexual partners and complete lack of morals and self control. Very dangerous for a society.

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  11. Mark Zist

    December 19th, 2012

    Women often dont marry because if they are single moms they can get more benefits, plus the kids get medicaid.

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  12. CrustyB

    December 19th, 2012

    Modern Americans are dumb bastards. I’ve been saying this for two years now.

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  13. Dianne

    December 19th, 2012

    @CrustyB – yet I hear quite a few of them saying now how much smarter they are now than the founding fathers, which is why they think the Constitution is outdated. Yep – dumbasses!

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  14. Billy Fuster

    December 19th, 2012

    So what percentage of children born to college grads are bastards–90%?

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  15. Immortal Fish

    December 19th, 2012

    Hey, c’mon, we aren’t all that bad.

    Although I graduated in the top 10 of my high school class out of around 350 students, I dropped out of college during my first year to be someone’s dad. Never completed college. Decided to go the cert and tech training route instead. As for my girlfriend who would later become my wife, she finished high school with a bun in the oven.

    We may not have been following God’s plan, but we’ve held ourselves accountable for our mistakes and have been trying to follow God’s plan ever since. Our son was ringbearer at our wedding and he is 22 years old today. My wife and I are still together and still very much in love.

    While I understand what the text book definition of the word ‘bastard’ is, I don’t have to like one of my favorite websites using it as a means to describe my son. Although I’ll get over it long before my next birthday, we prolly won’t win many over to our side with tactics like this.

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  16. AbigailAdams

    December 20th, 2012

    Immortal Fish — I understand your views. I’m trying hard to not say “but” :-)

    Oh well, I failed. But, if we are to have a society in which its members act responsibly (as you and your wife did), then we can’t have it both ways. Don’t you think we have to have (I know this is terriby un-PC) rules by which people strive to live? Given the dismal stats, you are very much the exception to any rules that might dig us out of this mess.

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