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Hark, I Hear A Fallacy From Our Government Masters

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Black & Right

Imagine the perfect world where Obama provides the free lunch, free phone and free dinner and you must comply with: your income + your EBT card= your expenditures. Are the sugar plums dancing in your head?  A wonderful pre-Christmas video is available to confound the delusional. From cafehayek.com….


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  1. Dr. Tar

    December 17th, 2012

    Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful

    Only Oblarney is intent on giving the nation wealth redistribution for the holidays. If they can’t do it by tax and spend then they will do it by borrow, spend and devalue your savings.

    Either way if you’re a good boy or girl who beleives that savings are a virtue and consuming more than you earn is a sin, Teh Omen is still going to force you into income equality with those with less wisdom. They are either going to drain your savings through taxes on income, capital gains and wealth or dilute the value of what you have saved by printing more and more dollars backed by thin air.

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  2. Two Legged Blue Eyed Cracker

    December 17th, 2012

    ‘Tis the season for the iso-quants to not meet the production possibilities curve due to that drop in the damn marginal propensity to consume.

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  3. Alpha Maser

    December 17th, 2012

    The production was good, but it didn’t demonize (Grinch-ize Keynes enough though), over indoctrinated libtards won’t get the message I fear…

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