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The left’s war on women

Home - by - December 15, 2012 - 21:45 America/New_York - 5 Comments

The left wants to keep our sisters, our mothers, our wives, daughters, friends, aunts and grandmothers defenseless from the type of scum the progressives have spawned and unleashed into society.

Below is your training film. Good luck out there-



  1. Jethro

    December 15th, 2012

    Don’t forget the brick.

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  2. KF

    December 15th, 2012

    A few days ago I talked about a retired construction worker from NYC that lived in the neighborhood where I grew up and how he beat the heck out of a teenage kid that tried to beat/rob him. The kid was from a screwed up liberal home (divorce, violence, booze and that’s just what was visible from the street), the old guy had bad knees and a limp but beat his ass with an old car antenna.
    I just found out from one of his kids that the old guy usually carried a pistol, I guess old habits from growing up in a bad neighborhood stayed with him. In all likelihood he was armed on the day that beating took place. That was true meekness, power under control. The kid was probably 8″-12″ taller than the old guy, he had a bad reputation, was involved with drugs while in high school and was a general POS. If the old guy had shot the kid he very well may have served no jail time. Even in his retirement he was up at 5am every day and went to church every morning like clock work. He was a WW II infantry vet who had seen enough killing.

    How far we have fallen as a society.

    This story left my liberal mom speechless, she hates guns. Perhaps this will give her some insight as to how reasonable armed citizens act.

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  3. Rick

    December 15th, 2012

    Gladys my love!! Where have you been? I’ve missed you SO!

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  4. norman einstein

    December 16th, 2012

    Yep, nobody could rock a hairnet like Gladys!

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  5. Diann

    December 16th, 2012

    Well, there’s always the rolling pin or frying pan.

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