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Embrace the Suck

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Let’s go over the cliff Gangnam Style.

It used to be an accepted truth that America would never negotiate with terrorists — at least before Obama made ‘leading from behind’ so popular — or the ascendency of his current variation, ‘leading from nowhere.’

Well… in fiscal negotiations Barack Obama is a terrorist. Think about it; he has nothing to lose, because he cares only about winning — the nation be damned. In fact, the economic depredations inherent in cliff diving provide him with an advantage.

By letting lower tax rates on the middle class expire, potentially he has access to so much more money to transform America, along with the ability to blame the Republicans for the entire debacle — should he choose that route.

Or… he could wait, and then propose legislation restoring the rates for the middle class only, while including an increase in executive power — the ability to unilaterally raise the debt ceiling without the approval of Congress.

Control of the debt ceiling is one of the few tools the House can wield, but it only becomes effective as a weapon in the beginning months of the year, when the ceiling is reached, whereas the cliff is New Year’s Day.

…And his majesty is salivating over the prospect of campaigning — yes, to him, this is still a campaign — on tax cuts for the middle class held up by greedy Republicans trying to reward their wealthy buddies.

As for the sequester, the second part of the fiscal cliff, half of the spending cuts would be borne by defense, which ties in nicely with his notion of America as more humble — one nation among many — in a world of equals, with most more equal than us. The cuts to social programs can be finessed with executive orders, innovative regulatory fiat and imperial diktats.

You see, there is no downside for him.



  1. Reaganite Republican

    December 13th, 2012

    Obama continues to thrive on chaos and economic crisis, while doing all he can to keep it ugly

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  2. Twellsy

    December 13th, 2012

    Every word of this piece is true. His highness can take any road he wants, and the repubs will pave it for him. The GOP has no backbone nor honor and will kowtow to this phonies every whim. Third party, anyone?

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  3. Claudia

    December 13th, 2012

    Cardigan, you really wanted to title this “Embrace the Fuck”, didn’t you?

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  4. Anonymous

    December 13th, 2012

    For 4 long years there’s been a Communist in the WH. Did you think they could be an upside?

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  5. Stirrin the B.S.

    December 13th, 2012

    The article made a lot of very good points, but it neglected to consider the whole reason why we got Baraq I and Baraq II: namely the MSM.

    So the author’s comment:

    “…The overall decline in the American standard of living will for time immemorial be remembered as the “Obama New Normal….”

    ….assumes that the media will tie it to Obumphuk. It’s been Bush’s and the Republicans in congress’ fault for four years.

    Do you think for one minute that the media will assign ANY blame for the inevitable misery yet to come, to their messiah? I wouldn’t put any money on it.

    It will be the fault of of some one or something else, and Oblowme will be remembered as the first black president who faced the same types of insurmountable odds and obstacles that the black community faces every day….yada, yada, yada.

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  6. Unslung Hero

    December 14th, 2012

    I am beginning to be able to define “evil”!!!

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