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All I Want For Christmas…

Home - by - December 12, 2012 - 17:30 America/New_York - 7 Comments

ht/ gracie


  1. Menderman

    December 12th, 2012

    My allergies are acting up again….

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  2. Stranded in Sonoma

    December 12th, 2012

    Who made my keyboard out of peeled onions!

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  3. Menderman

    December 12th, 2012

    BTW, my best buddy was back for his 2 weeks over T-giving. Contractors are limited to the a certain number of days in the US to get their tax exempt status…uncle sam takes half their pay if they come home too much.

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  4. old_oaks

    December 12th, 2012

    I lost it when they showed her sitting there without a present.

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  5. Goldenfoxx

    December 12th, 2012

    That was a sweet story. Even the newscaster said Merry Xmas, a story that didn’t get screwed up with political correctness.

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  6. scr_north

    December 12th, 2012

    Good story but it’s pretty unlikely those douchebags at CBS really gave a damn. I’ll bet they put that together for ratings.

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  7. Stirrin the B.S.

    December 12th, 2012

    What a wonderful break from the B.S. that we see and read about constantly. Thanks for the smile! :)

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