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FOOD STAMP ABUSE: They’re not even pretending any more

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Doug Ross

From the American tradition of rugged independence to a culture of dependency:

I took this photo of the self-checkout payment screen at a Hen House grocery store in Overland Park, KS. Cash benefits for food stamps. And why not? This is America. Forward!

As a high school student and humble grocery store carryout (back in the 80′s), it was common to watch someone pay for their government-approved items like milk and diapers with their food stamps and then, in a separate transaction, pay for their beer and cigarettes with their cash. Even as a kid I knew this was wrong. If you have money for booze then you shouldn’t be asking your neighbors to pay your grocery bill.

Today, the dependency class can’t even be bothered to fake it. We’ll just give them the cash.

It’s probably for the best though. They’ll need that cash on their welfare-funded Hawaiian vacations. Oh, you can’t afford one of those? Quit being so selfish and get back to work. 47.7 million food stamp recipients are counting on you and they’re not going to just feed themselves, you know.



  1. historicus

    December 12th, 2012

    “…welfare funded Hawaiian vacations..” are exactly what obama takes.

    He’s the most visible example of a welfare recipient, no work, collects cash.

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  2. dennis

    December 12th, 2012

    Good grief…if that’s the look of “welfare” then all stigma is gone.

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  3. Noodengr

    December 12th, 2012

    but Doug you missed the part of the Constitution that assures folks the right to cigarettes and booze. Those are requirements for a good life.
    Ok sarcasm off, if they need food then give them stuff from the excess the gov’t buys up. And i mean the basics, flour, butter, etc. if you ain’t working you got time to bake your bread. NO more ready to chow down on meals for you lazy parasites,
    i am sick of supporting you.

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  4. Tim

    December 12th, 2012

    Why should they hide?

    The Demonrats are no longer hiding their Nazi roots and the Republicrats are no longer hiding their pussification.

    The parasites are proud to be parasites and are all ‘in-yo-face’ about it.

    The “unions” (read: lazy, thuggish, worthless socialist maggots) are demanding you pay up – or “there will be blood.”

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  5. Kevin R.

    December 12th, 2012

    A few weeks ago I read a commentary that the economy can’t be that bad or there would people lined up at soup kitchens.

    They’ve taken all the sting out of depression era soup kitchens by just giving people free money. It does two things, makes people the dependents of the state and also hides the depression era from view. Hides it until it can no longer be hidden anyway.

    Here’s a way of looking at it: the far left has always said that welfare is nothing but a safety valve of capitalist oppression. Without it the downtrodden masses would revolt. Actually, the welfare state is a safety valve of Progressive oppression.

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  6. sybilll

    December 12th, 2012

    I called a local CLOTHING store when I saw a mailer ad that said “Now Accepting EBT”. The manager told me that she was told (she sounded pissed, she has a job, after all) that all funds coming from the government, sans Social Security, are now co-mingled onto a single card. So, you can buy clothes with food stamps, or food with welfare, etc.

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  7. Marie

    December 12th, 2012

    You would know this isn’t true if you did even the slightest bit of research on EBT. Seriously, read the Wikipedia article as a starting point.

    Cash benefits are NOT food stamps. It’s money from other government assistance programs that also use the EBT card. You can’t buy clothes or anything other than food with EBT. You CAN buy clothes with cash benefits. Yes, two forms of assistance can be separated but on the same card. Technology, people. ;)

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  8. Jeffersonian

    December 13th, 2012

    Oh Marie. Don’t you know it is wrong for the Imperial Federal Gov’t to take, by force, that which I have earned by the sweat of my brow, that which is mine, to gift to those who refuse to work, the fruits of my labor? I do not care what they spend my money on. Clothes, food, lap dances or cash. They have not earned it. Do not desreve it. It i snot heir to spend. And it is a crime for the Gov’t to steal it from me to give it to them who do not deserve it. they are parasites on the labors of the just.

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  9. Jeffersonian

    December 13th, 2012

    I would love to correct the spellin on that last post. too late. Too inebraited.

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  10. spymyeyes

    December 13th, 2012


    I live in a small NH city of 80k people and our soup kitchen is downtown on the main drag in plain view for all to see mixed right in the middle of shopping/banking section, and there is Z-E-R-O stigma standing in line waiting for their 4-5 coarse free meals, 3 times a day.

    It is old home day in line, people texting, surfing the interwebs, making long-distance calls to less fortunate relatives half a world away, laughing & joking around,showing off their latest Jordan-air sneakers or designer jeans & half of their underwear down to their knees, and when the dinner-hour is over any LEFTOVERS are given away to people on a first come first get basis.


    this is ON TOP OF their E.B.T. cards, W.I.C. & CASH benefits to B-U-Y food with!

    Most of them use their gubbermint-given food money for black market trading or crooked vendor purchases and it has been like this for the last 30 years that I have been working.

    I KNOW these things for a fact b/c my inlaws have work for free at the soup kitchen for years now and get to hear their small-talk on a daily basis……it sickens me to the core to hear the shit that comes outta their holes with most of it whining about how they are so poor & have nothing
    as they load up their free lef overs into their $50k car to bring back to their free, warm, fully-furnished house!

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