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Tennessee will not set up Obamacare exchange

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I previously posted about The first battle of the next Tea Party wave — December 5 rally in Nashville against Obamacare exchange.

The protest, while not huge, was well attended.

Governor Bill Haslam was on the fence.  No more.

Via Linda in Tennessee, Haslam says Tennessee will not set up health care exchange:

Gov. Bill Haslam announced Monday that Tennessee will not set up its own health insurance exchange under the Affordable Care Act.

Haslam said in a speech to Nashville’s Downtown Rotary Club that he’s decided not to set up an exchange because he’s received insufficient information about how it would operate from the federal government. In just the last month, officials in Washington have released more than 800 pages worth of draft regulations, Haslam said, leaving him unclear whether Tennessee would be better off operating its own exchange or leaving the task to the federal government.

“I’m more and more convinced that they are making this up as they go,” Haslam said. “We weren’t told enough to be able to run this on our own.”




  1. Adrienne

    December 11th, 2012

    Well – that’s some good news.

    Our Governor (Idaho), Butch Otter, is dinking around with some “hybrid” exchange plan. I spoke with Senator Nonini, a personal friend of ours, and he said that everyone in Boise was really upset and they have no idea of why Butch is doing this.

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  2. Stirrin the B.S.

    December 11th, 2012

    You’re damn straight they’re making it up as they go. They – the enemy – have already demonstrated on numerous occasions that the rule of law is dead, that the constitution is to be ignored, and that they will rule by deceit and coercion.

    If they don’t play by the rules, then why the hell should we. If they want trench warfare, then give it to them. No more Mr. Nice Guy – throw their shit right back in their face. Fuck ‘em!

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  3. scribble

    December 11th, 2012

    The bill says whatever the HHS secretary wants it to say on any given day. What a mess.

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  4. Death_By_Farts

    December 11th, 2012

    This is a good start…Perry, Brewer, Jindal, now Haslam. Watch for Pence, Lapage, and Hailey to follow.

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  5. Hotlanta Mike

    December 11th, 2012

    Nathan Deal already decided a few weeks back that Georgia would not be setting up a state exchange as well…Obamacare is going to become a political disaster for democraps in 2014.

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  6. Maudie N Mandeville

    December 11th, 2012

    “I’m more and more convinced that they are making this up as they go,” Haslam said.

    What was your first clue, Sherlock?

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  7. Stranded in Sonoma

    December 11th, 2012

    And remember the post a few days ago about how the IRS changed the text of the law about the state exchanges.

    As I recall, there is a legal axiom in American Jurisprudence that says A law is void for vagueness. There are 2,000 pages of a law and SCOTUS could not find ONE instance of it being vague? What about how it is being administered? If that isn’t vague, I don’t know what is.

    vague [veyg] adjective

    1 — not clearly or explicitly stated or expressed
    2 — not definitely established, determined, confirmed, or known

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  8. pete

    December 11th, 2012

    @SiS: punk azzb, john roberts got worked over by the bummer thug ‘negotiators’ like happens in many other places, notably, gm and chysler

    but, you knew that already

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