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The 1st Amendment Song

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  1. jus sayin yo

    December 9th, 2012

    talk about sticky: right in the throat, right up da but

    Frank Gaffney’s powerful new documentary, Silent Conquest, reveals the Obama administration’s war on the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee of freedom of speech and submission to stealth Jihad and Shariah.


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  2. eternal ¼ cracker p

    December 9th, 2012

    Except if you are here illegally, then you have at least an additional 10-15 rights and a card.

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  3. Corona

    December 9th, 2012

    So…that isn’t Jo Anne Worley.

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  4. Jethro

    December 9th, 2012

    When is she doing a video for the second amendment?

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  5. Name Redacted™

    December 9th, 2012

    Where’s my right to marry my cat? I HAVE NO FREEDOM TO BE ME UNTIL I CAN MARRY MY CAT!

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  6. vangrungy

    December 9th, 2012

    Notice how the song frames rights as gifted by the amendment (alluding to government not God).

    It’s not a natural right, it’s a privilege.

    that’s what I heard

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