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Restore America 101

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What patriots find most alarming about the re-election of Obama is the feeling that we have lost America.

Recently, a pro football player committed suicide after murdering his girlfriend.  The media blames guns and football for the shooting.  They act as if the football player bore no responsibility, which is in keeping with Obama’s new America.

This is why we who cherish morals, decency, hard work, and personal responsibility are so upset that Obama has four more years to further his decline of America.

Admittedly, the decline of America began long before Barack Obama.  However, under Obama, America’s decline has been on steroids.  He won re-election promising to punish the rich and encouraging Americans to indulge in an orgy of mediocrity featuring endless unemployment benefits, an unprecedented number of Americans on food stamps, half the country on welfare, and free Obamaphones.

Such is the new normal in Obama’s new America.

So yes, we patriots are heartbroken.

After serving in the Merchant Marines, my black dad earned a humble living as a day laborer.  In 1956, he broke the color barrier into the Baltimore City Fire Department.  The white firefighters hated my dad and did not want him at Engine 6.  And yet, despite horrific conditions, Dad won Firefighter of the Year two times.

Dad won not because of lowered standards, affirmative action, or someone deciding it’s the black guy’s turn.  Dad won because he was the best!  Such was a time when America celebrated excellence.

Have we totally lost that America?



  1. Bad Brad

    December 9th, 2012

    Oh man, This guys father would not have one fire fighter of the year if not a bunch of white fire fighters voting for his ass. That’s not real hard to figure. Other then that this article is spot on. It;s just disheartening when the bull shit flag gets raised early on in these articles.

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  2. Nutjob

    December 9th, 2012

    Kudos for the the father, for being an american, enduring, and showing the value of moral dignity.

    If america had more people like this outstanding patriot, america wouldn’t be in the shape its in.

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  3. ? everything

    December 9th, 2012

    back in the wonderful 50′s a MAN’S #1 priority was to provide for his family, regardless of race. back then HARDWORK got you what you needed & WANTED. today unfortunately HARDWORK is a dying art & a four letter word. somebody gimme a shout out on this here obama phone…..

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  4. FreeMan & Sarah Intend to Defend

    December 9th, 2012

    It is all laid at liberals and progs feet.
    It is because there are a few words that they do not understand the meaning of.

    Truth, Mine, Yours, Responsibility, Honor, Duty, Cuts, Tax, Marriage, Baby/Infant, God, Morals Liberty, and most of all Freedom.

    Feel free to add to the list but if you can make one understand even half of these words you would have a conservative.

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  5. Tim

    December 9th, 2012

    “He won re-election …”


    This should read: “He stole the election …”

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  6. Billy Fuster

    December 9th, 2012

    You are a fool if you think you’re going to turn around Obama’s destruction of the country, Tea Party or not–and it’s only going to get much worse. The ONLY course of action is non-compliance via tax revolution and secession. Why are you hesitating?

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  7. Death_By_Farts

    December 9th, 2012

    “Have we totaly lost that America”

    -Yes. Yes we have. The liberal agenda is to re-take the House in 2014, and elect Hillary Clinton for the next 8 years starting in 2016 (Or allow Obama to start his third term).


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  8. AbigailAdams

    December 9th, 2012

    The pus of marxist infection hasn’t reached its full virulence yet and it needs to before it can be recognized and the boil can be excised and drained. Not enough people have been affected by the changed America and that has to happen before there is wide-spread acceptance and action against it. I’m also beginning to think that despite the public schools’ and universities’ indoctrination, there will always be enough people around who remember and the American Way Of Life will always live on in the DNA of Americans. Fads never last, that’s why they are called fads. Being anti has always had its attraction, especially in the young. But the young never stay young.

    I think everything we’ve gone through and everything we are going through has been necessary in order for us to once again be a grateful people and to realize that every generation must actively protect this nation. It’s what we get out of these hard times that matters. I hope we can put so many of the cultural myths to rest.

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