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One way to fight Obamacare: “Go limp”

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In case you missed it a week or so back, here’s an item from Mario Loyola on whether the states should set up Obamacare exchanges:

States Should Absolutely Refuse to Set Up Obamacare Exchanges

Proponents of Obamacare are making one argument that some conservatives may find appealing — namely that it is much better, from a states’ rights point of view, to set up state-based exchanges than to let the feds come in and do it themselves. This argument is absolutely wrong. Allowing your states to be deputized as instruments of federal policy is just as bad as bowing to federal commandeering of state agencies, which is unconstitutional. [. . .]

State governors should be under no illusions: You are not preserving one iota of state autonomy by setting up your own Obamacare exchange. On the contrary, you are letting the feds deputize you as instruments of federal policy. Let the feds set up the exchanges themselves; they can pay for them and be accountable for the results. That will impose a real limit on federal power, and provide leverage for rolling back some of Obamacare. In the meantime the message of state governments to the Department of Health and Human Services should be an absolute and unequivocal “NO.”

Read the rest. See also Wesley Smith, author of NR’s Human Exceptionalism blog and Corner contributor, who concurs:

After an appalling and incoherent Supreme Court ruling and the recent election, it does seem now that utter legal non cooperation is the only way remaining to impede the Leviathan.  Here’s another suggestion: Senate Republicans should filibuster confirmation of the soon-to-be-nominated members of the Independent Payment Advisory Board. No board, no IPAB autocracy. Of course, the president might then make a non-recess recess appointment, but that opens any action taken by IPAB to legal attack.

So, stalwart Obamacare opponents, time for some good old fashioned passive resistance. Go limp.



  1. Unruly Refugee

    November 28th, 2012

    All the men have to do is look at Moochie. What’s the next step after that?

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  2. Dadof3

    November 28th, 2012

    One way limp looks:

    Receptionist at medical office: Please fill out these 78 forms for our dear leaders to judge and rule you by.

    Me: No. You have all you need to know about me in my records already. Can I see a doctor for this ailment now?

    Receptionist: No. Of course not. You MUST fill these out. It’s the LAW now!

    Me: No. Write down ‘Refuses to co-operate because of Civil Disobedience’. Please put me down for the Dr. to see.

    Receptionist: But… I can’t do that!

    Me: Are you refusing me medical care?

    Receptionist: I have no choice but to deny you care!

    Me: Great. Now I have something for the lawyers. I was told I have no standing unless it affects me negatively and I refuse to help kill babies by being forced to pay for it through this horrible law that was passed, among many other things.


    If enough of us go limp they can’t do a thing to millions of people doing Civil Disobedience.

    I’m sitting in the front of this ‘bus’ whether I’m allowed to or not. Maybe we need it to be filmed like Rosa was too.

    Just because it was made into law does not make it right or good or permanent.

    Outright slavery was legal at one time too. This is just a new twist on it.

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  3. Milwaukee Mike

    November 28th, 2012

    Put the full weight of that 2000+ page POS on them alone and let the bureaucracy’s knees buckle!

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  4. Billy Fuster

    November 28th, 2012

    Maybe Texas will have the balls to secede then others will follow.

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